Sleepy Hollow Season 2, Episode 11: The one with the Infernal Bible Metaphor

This episode was full of epic fights and starting us off we have Abbie’s GPS vs. the Apocalyptic Storms, which is incidentally an excellent band name. Ladies, gentlemen and otherwise identifying individuals please place your bets, we are about to announce a winner. The GPS loses this battle flickering out of life and taking the entire car with it.

What with feeding and dressing people, buying leather jackets and now car problems, the apocalypse is going to leave Abbie Mills penniless. In the grand tradition of every mechanic in the history of mechanics, the person they take the car to won’t be able to fix it immediately. Apparently everyone gets spare parts from one specific cupboard that leads to a parallel dimension which is the only place spare parts can be stored.

In order to save the day they resort to stealing a motorbike. Ichabod’s only qualm is the fact that it seems like a horse with too much horsepower and no place to buckle in. So he wraps his arms around his tiny guardian hell’s angel and clenches his jaw with what is either fear or arousal as the engine revs. Mr. Adrenaline-head falls in love with the bike and demands one as they park it and head towards Henry’s lair. I hope Abbie gets him a Vespa when this is all over.

Henry is nowhere to be found and around the house we see scattered bits of art, from different periods using different mediums. I wonder if they’re not so random foreshadowing. They discover Henry’s creepy model town where he’s planted a flag to mark all his evil deeds. Using red string they map out a pentagram that doesn’t even look exact enough to be deliberate. Or maybe Henry just sucks at building creepy model towns.

Because of all this excitement they fail to notice that Headless and Katrina are in the backyard playing a round of supernatural marriage by way of satanic blood ritual, until Katrina screams and they come running out to save her. This time Ichabod has a weapon that can actually cause some serious damage and he cuts Abraham’s ax in two as Abbie unties Katrina.

Katrina doesn’t seem able to take off her pendant, but is able to amplify its power, which just deprives us of the pleasure of seeing Ichabod screaming at Abraham with a precious jewel around his neck. As it stands however, they discover the weapon has a rather serious drawback. Once you kill a demon, your soul is forfeit to the sword. If only Voldemort was around. He could be able to teach them tricks and techniques to kill at least 7 demons without dying(side effects may include: loss of nose tissue, strange skin pigmentation, baldness).

As Katrina magically secures the chains they have keeping Abraham in place, Abbie and Ichabod talk about this failing marriage. It is a running theme this season that I can’t wait to see die a swift death. With Katrina keeping an eye on Headless they meet Jenny at the cabin, where she confirms the sword is a one demon, one soul kind of weapon.

Coming to terms with her destiny has led Abbie to believe she should be the one to end things, by laying down her life for the greater good. Jenny proposes an alternative: Irving, whose soul is already claimed, could use it with immunity. This is a very practical approach reached through common sense and not because Jenny has Irving on her mind 24/7.

My goodness, as if we needed a reminder that Henry has serious issues, we find ourselves at his birthplace with his father, aka at the place where he was dug up with the demon that dug him up. Lovely.

Katrina and Abraham argue about the fact that he tried to force her into the bonding ritual, which shouldn’t even be an argument that was some messed up shit. Unfortunately what we are meant to focus on is Katrina’s declaration that she in some way cares for Abraham, since this is what Ichabod overhears. He and Katrina have a fight that is about Henry, again, though this time Ichabod sides with Abbie.

There is no comparison between Henry and Isaac (the one in the bible not the one from Teen Wolf), since Henry has actually murdered people and knows his father doesn’t really want to kill him, not if he has a choice. Unless of course we’re talking about Moloch who really doesn’t care what happens to him. There is also Abraham who would technically be his father if the bonding ritual was completed. That would have been very awkward.

In Irving’s message to Jenny there is a coded message to Ichabod of all people about history of all things. Abbie pulls the short straw and is left behind to monitor the Katrina and Abraham situation as Jenny and Ichabod go to find Frank. Except for history, Irving had also been reading up on trip-wire bombs in Tarrytown and Jenny has probably never felt so in love. (Yes. My bias is apparent.)

As soon as he gets their word they’ll look after his adorable family, Irving agrees to help them out and quite enjoys looking menacing while threatening to end Headless once and for all. He’s so menacing in fact that Abraham reveals all. The apocalyptic storms were just the beginning, soon to be followed by blood, a demon army, and finally hell on earth. These events are triggered every time one of the white trees at Henry’s birthplace is turned black. For once I’d like evil things to not turn colors from white to black, but here we are.

Ichabod decides they should spare Abraham’s life for reasons that have everything to do with him being guilty and selfish and nothing to do with what Abraham actually deserves. They plan to face down Moloch and his cronies but first they’ll need weapons. Which brings us to Nick who’s partying until the world’s end, which is about to start soon.

He seems skeptical of all the doomsdaying going about and reasonably points out that too many people have insisted that a world, that’s still going around, should have ended decades ago. Then it starts hailing blood which is pretty hardcore as far as weather concerning blood is concerned and he is no longer skeptical. He dispenses his weapons to them and then sticks around to babysit Abraham because everyone is needed elsewhere.

Katrina and Ichabod have the mother of all arguments because of all the lies and the all around shiftiness and the fact that Ichabod kept saying he was fine with everything, when in reality, he, just like every other man in Katrina’s life had a whole heap of trust issues relating to her. They call it quits at least until they end the apocalypse or the apocalypse ends them. I am not especially sad about this.

As the troops rally Moloch and Henry chit chat about what a disappointment he is failing to retrieve the sword and Henry realizes his new dad might not love him after all. The third tree burns, the demon army rises and the gang meet them head on. Abbie gets shot early on and has to be pulled out, as Katrina uses her magic fairy lights to thwart evil and Frank and Ichabod go berserk.

Frank goes head to head with the horsemen inflicting many wounds that Henry can feel and finally kills the horseman of War with some amazing moves. Unfortunately we have little time to admire his skills, because he has a wound at his side and it’s the fall finale so that can’t be good. He dies in the arms of the Cranes when he should have died in the arms of his family or at least the Mills. We’ll be seeing more of him I’m sure, since the whole soul-that-belongs-to-someone-else deal.

Abbie closes his eyes and steps up, angry and determined not to let anyone else be harmed by Moloch. When I fall you can pick it up. She says to Ichabod about the sword and the extraordinary thing is she doesn’t say if. She says when. And the words have hardly left her mouth before Katrina declares that then it will be her turn to pick up the sword closely followed by Jenny who vows to do the same. They’re like a kickass Fellowship of the Sword, full of badass ladies. Abbie has a plan.

Moloch sends Henry towards certain death and Henry begins to question his life choices. Being evil is apparently not that great after all. He faces off against Abbie and quickly binds her with roots, taking the sword from her. Jenny follows suit and now it’s up to his parents to talk some sense into him, because Ichabod is holding the real sword and Henry a useless enchantment.

Henry goads Ichabod into killing him, but papa Crane doesn’t and for a split second we think Henry has had a change of heart. Unfortunately he is back to cackling as he leads the team to the four trees and ties them up. Katrina is tied to the fourth unaffected tree and Henry must kill her to bring forth the end of days.

As Henry protests that she was promised to Abraham, Moloch in a classic villain misstep reveals that he doesn’t care what happens to any of his underlings and that Henry wasn’t special in that regard. Ichabod begs to die in his wife’s stead which is of course impossible since he’s tied to the wrong tree so Henry decides to literally cut his losses by stabbing Moloch and ending the first half of the season.