Sleepy Hollow Season 2, Episode 12: The one with the Hot Wings

Sleepy Hollow is back! (Only to go away again for a couple of weeks). For the first time in a while I’m actually feeling excited about things to come and even though it might be post-hiatus emotions, let’s see why.

Henry is gone! Much of what frustrated me in the first half of the season was centered around Henry, so when Ichabod got up on his feet and started looking for people whose fates I care more about, I felt a sigh of relief that Henry was nowhere to be found.

The only one really searching for Henry was Katrina, who believes her son risked everything to save her. It’s been about a month but I’m fairly certain Henry’s defection had more to do with who he decided deserved to be his father. As everybody dusts themselves off and breathes a bit easier, we get a cut to six weeks later.

Ichabod and Abbie are shopping at a farmer’s market like a couple of hipster yuppies, which seems odd considering Crane has his wife back for good. Shopping for groceries is usually done alone or with the person you share a household with. Our witnesses talk about the entirely new concept of organic produce and grapples, which Ichabod considers a union that hardly seems necessary, a phrase that could be used to describe one of his relationships.

As soon as Crane sees a bad apple he gets jumpy and starts freaking out the person selling them with his intense and unnecessary cross-examination. It seems that inaction is making him trigger happy and anxious to run into trouble, a fact that has Abbie rubbing her temples and wishing this Crane had never come to her.

Despite the rotten apple potentially leading to case involving witchcraft, Ichabod does not seem eager to ask for his wife’s assistance. The reason he was shopping with Abbie, and is currently sleeping in the archives in what looks like a bed that makes the floor look inviting, is the fact that the Cranes have finally decided their relationship has lots of problems and they each need space.

It truly delights me that Ichabod has his own nerd corner now and that they are addressing their relationship issues. Katrina however, is trying to save Abraham aka Headless aka Potential New Thorn in my Side from the fate he chose of his own free will. I can foresee him becoming a tiresome point of conflict in much the same way Henry was, pulling the team into futile arguments.

Armed with a crossbow, a gun and their pluckiness, Abbie and Ichabod head towards the bad apple farm in a way that is reminiscent of the first episode this season and leaves tendrils of doubt in my mind as to how real everything is.

As they walk about there doesn’t seem to be any trouble and Abbie calls out Ichabod on his inability to face the very possible reality of peace. She mentions her career’s possible starting off point at Quantico and he mentions marriage, which really goes to show that the possibility of change and facing his otherness is why he needs to keep fighting.

Apparently Ichabod was right to fret however, since we suddenly hear people chanting in awful ancient Greek. Just as our heroes come face to face with three demons, Beyonce’s Halo starts playing and a winged man appears out of nowhere and kills one of them as the others flee. He appears to be an angel, and since he attacked those demons, he might be a good guy, but good guys almost never wear full-body black leather.

Meanwhile, Katrina is securing Abraham in place and keeps saying she wants to save her, but he isn’t really feeling open to accepting charity from the woman who left him for his best friend.

The angel Orion informs them he escaped purgatory and other creepy crawlies also followed, including the two demons currently left destroying organic apple crops. Ichabod gets an urgent call from Katrina he’s really hoping he can avoid by doing something more important, but Abbie sends him on his merry way and stays to keep an eye on the angel.

Jenny also calls, looking even snazzier than usual, since Abbie has stood her up on a sisters’ night out. Abbie’s supposed to be in a bar helping Jenny have Irving-related grief-sex.  Unfortunately those plans are put on hold, because this is Sleepy Hollow and nobody can have any fun. Except for Abbie who starts chatting with the angel.

He’s been in purgatory for 220 years, something tells me that is Crane related, and speaks really British English which is either the voice of heaven or based on what would sound most pleasing to Abbie’s ears. He is cryptic about God and mentions he’s broken ranks from the rest of the angels which is never a good sign. Perhaps he was summoned by those demons, who are looking for a master.

Another potential master to the demons is Headless, who Katrina is trying to save by calling in a favor from Ichabod. Apparently she’s done enough to help that it’s time for them to help her. An interesting, if incorrect, theory. In any case Ichabod seems very reluctant to assist her. On the other side, the angel wants to destroy Abraham because he was the one who sent Orion to purgatory, and while I agree with him on that, this isn’t looking good for anyone.

Hawley appears with a demon-detection egg to stop Jenny from flirting with the cute barman, and while I did roll my eyes dangerously close to out of my sockets, the moment where Jenny misnames the egg and Nick corrects her was a nice bit of chemistry. They still can’t figure out how they’re supposed to use this hellish baby monitor to track the demons.

Back with Abbie and the angel, Orion tells her they have redefined what a witness is. Apparently they were just supposed to witness the apocalypse while twiddling their thumbs, something that Abigail Mills was definitely not going to do. This really brings into question Moloch’s motivation to attack them however, since it doesn’t make sense to provoke people into taking notice of you and defending themselves.

In the grand tradition of people noticing how awesome Abbie is, Orion gives her a token that will call him to her whenever she holds it and thinks of him. Kinda very romantic, kinda very suspicious. Seeing as he really wants to kill Abraham, Abbie decides they can hang and takes them to their hideout where Orion immediately dislikes Katrina. Interesting. Even more interesting is the fact that they were imprisoned in purgatory at around the same time and he was known to Washington.

Seeing that Abraham is about to lose his life, Katrina decides it would be a good idea to release him after a solemn pinky promise he won’t kill anyone. The joke is there wasn’t even a pinky promise, just the word of a horseman of the apocalypse. What follow are the parts of the episode I could do without, like the three-way argument about what should be done with Abraham and Nick telling Jenny he has feelings for her. I mean she’s amazing, but pick a Mills’ sister to be rejected by and stick with your choice.

While Nick and Jenny talk about the ruins of their past relationship, he figures out how to use the egg and the demons’ location is revealed. Unsurprisingly they’re hanging out with Headless.

Upon hearing the news, Abbie calls Orion using the token he left her, since he disappeared after figuring out the Cranes make everything chaotic. Just as he arrives Ichabod calls Abbie to inform her that Orion is bad news. He is the league of shadows time a million and does everything Old Testament style.

There was an awful lot of smiting and raining fire and blood courtesy of Orion, who prefers to see the world in terms of black and white, or rather things I can destroy with my heavenly power and things I will allow to continue. He’s probably against anti-heroes, which is amusing considering he is one.

Abbie quickly decides Orion is bad news and while he and Abraham duke it out she kills a demon and helps Ichabod kill another. Then they gang up on the angel, Abbie using her negotiating tools and Ichabod sneaking up behind him. They destroy his weapon, which had been embedded in Headless’ spine, that isn’t attached to a brain anyway. He flies away and then they have to deal with Headless, who remembers he’d made a promise not to kill anyone only when Katrina arrives.

The episode leaves us with Ichabod calling out Katrina on her manipulations and apologizing to Abbie for once. Abbie stares pensively at Orion’s token and Abraham stays in his house to brood and contemplate becoming human again. Last but not least and definitely not unexpected, a barefoot Frank Irving comes back into our lives hopefully never to go away again.