Sleepy Hollow Season 2, Episode 7: The one with the Abdominal Issues

This episode opens with a glorious post-coital flashback scene between Katrina and Ichabod. Given the fact that it seems to be taking place between extended periods of them not seeing each other, as well as the theme of the entire episode, I’m guessing this is the night cute baby Jeremy was conceived. Awwww!

I was very happy to see an absence of the dreaded L-shaped cover but even happier to find out through Katrina’s complaints that General Washington was coming between the couple. I hope she shares this with Abbie so that they can make fun of Ichabod as a team.

The two of them talk about the children they will have in a textbook example of tragic irony. Although I guess technically Jeremy did grow up to be a strapping young man, he even has his own army! Further tragic irony can be found in Ichabod’s belief that his daughters will be enchantresses like their mother (how many kids were they planning on having?).

But wait, a spider falling out of Ichabod’s mouth later and we discover that it had all been a dream, or perhaps a memory gone sour.

In the present, Ichabod accompanies Abbie to the voting booth, complaining about the fact that people aren’t voting. It would have been funnier if not for the reality that proper identification proves to be an issue not only for time-traveling revolutionaries but also for a great deal of the USA’s disenfranchised.

As Ichabod takes a self-righteous trip down memory lane, Abbie reminds him that democracy is far younger than people claim it is. Ichabod adds that if her race and gender weren’t an issue, her lack of land would pose a problem.

Rich, white and male seems to have always been the way to be, though Ichabod ticks only two of those boxes in the present. Abbie gleefully reminds him that he is her kept man. Ichabod tries to follow her into the voting booth and is shocked to find out he’s not allowed to do that, or to strongly and loudly insist that a policy is ridiculous.

Back with Headless, Katrina is in a sorry state of affairs after her son sent what appears to be a poison-spider after her. She glares at Abraham until he admits that he doesn’t know what the hell is going on. If that doesn’t convince her, his surprise at Henry busting his doors open does.

Henry and his henchmen have come to take Katrina away and Abraham’s argument is basically met with an ‘it’s way above your pay-grade’ response. This doesn’t pacify Abraham that comes after Henry, axes ablazin. Henry just busts a window open and lets Abraham smoke down into a comfortable crispy puddle on the floor.

However, Abraham in the grand tradition of vampires before him, improbably escapes the sun’s influence and tries to attack again, giving Katrina a window of opportunity to kick the Moloch out of Henry’s henchmen and escape, while he gets trapped by sunshine once more. In her escape Katrina beautifully mirrors a prettier, better-dressed daytime version of her husband’s stumble into the present.

As they walk away from the booth, we find out that the reason Washington is considered so great was his popular ‘give people free beer’ policy for firing up the electorate. In a successful attempt to curb what has the potential to become a full-blown tirade Abbie adorably adorns Ichabod with her ‘I voted’ sticker and all is well with the world. Not for long however, as they spot Reyes and most of the rest of the department.

Abbie has apparently all but become the head and sole member of a new department that deals exclusively with spooky, weird stuff. She gets referred the case of a Jane Doe in old-timey clothes that is ill and very obviously Katrina. The bad news gets delivered by the cutest possible messenger, but Ichabod is too distraught to notice.

He strides towards their car, ripping the sticker off his lapel and throwing it to the ground. Now this might be the littering version of rending one’s garments, though it could also be a manifestation of his guilt for acting all cutesy with his witness soul mate while his wife was grievously sick.

They find Katrina at the hospital and I am disappointed to find out that she has a fever of 105 and not 103. She also has black veins and that is never good.

(Next we have the opening credits and my growing disappointment that this was the only time we saw Jenny this episode despite Lyndie Greenwood being a series regular)

There is something about Moloch having a new purpose for Katrina or some other unimportant information, because, she has finally, FINALLY changed clothes and looks cute despite being half dead… Maybe it’s a goth thing.

They reach the station, but Henry’s henchmen are there and Ichabod takes Katrina to the archives while Abbie power walks and then runs to keep up with the evil men, a move well known to people challenged in the height department.

In  the archives Katrina creates a magical warning bell and remembers a symbol  she’d seen when Henry came to take her. Ichabod in turn remembers what that symbol represents. The Hellfire club has apparently done that exact thing to another woman, but that’s the only thing Benjamin Franklin’s awful note-taking reveals, conveniently leaving the reason for the spell/curse and its result to our imagination.

Ichabod then finds out that his wife can actually talk to Abraham, his jealousy and valid trust issues making him forget that Katrina had rejected Abraham even before he became evil. Although that is perhaps the reason he is jealous. He might know of Loki fans.

In the meantime Abbie is busy infiltrating the Hellfire club. She discovers a tablet that looks like it was borrowed from Supernatural, a few shady dudes, a corpse with the same black veins Katrina had, an old box with a brand new combination lock and the world’s most uncomfortable birthing suite.

Yes, that’s right. Katrina is pregnant. Henry her son impregnated her, but didn’t go full Oedipus Rex, choosing instead to use the jinka and good old fashioned magic. Congratulations! It’s a demon!

As that news crashes on them so does Henry, the warning bell Katrina had set up letting them escape to the church Henry got his name from. They rest there and Abbie has an argument with two people who just can’t seem to understand their child is evil. They use the grew-up-without-parents defense, but when your son makes Bruce Wayne look emotionally balanced and reasonable, maybe you should reconsider your reasoning or even better your position.

They seem to think that since Henry is the root of the problem he’s the only one who can fix it. Ichabod even has the gall to call a vote on the matter, knowing full well that he will win. Democracy in action!

We get a refreshing glimpse of Irving who’s just there to trick Henry into talking with his father about how he impregnated his mother. As Henry and Ichabod talk, Katrina and Abbie research, or more accurately Abbie researches and Katrina starts feeling the thing inside her kick. Everybody simultaneously figures out that the baby is in fact Moloch and Katrina only has a few seconds to get her mind around that, before her abdomen grows huge. Stretch marks from literal hell are not fun.

After the heavy news, Abbie and Katrina have a heart to heart about what they should do. Abbie thinks they can find a way to save her and Katrina offers the obvious and rather final solution. In that we see the fundamental differences between the two. (Slytherin and Gryffindor if you will)

Abbie is a survivor; she will always look one step ahead and try to beat the game, try to find a way around insurmountable odds. She doesn’t believe in a future that isn’t yet set in stone, which is why she found it hard to accept the fact she was a witness. She is loyal to a few people and trusts the rest to be predictable, which is why she doesn’t think it’s possible to save Henry.

Katrina on the other hand is a true idealist, she is decisive and she doesn’t hesitate to put her life or anyone else’s life on the line if she thinks it’s the right thing to do. She is ruthless and brave and trusts in people and her ability to control their actions. If she believes someone to be worth saving she will scorch the earth to save them.

That being said can we have a lot more Abbie and Katrina interactions?

Henry and Ichabod have a Shakespeare-off and talk about emotional issues. Henry says “Fate is fickle father”, because he might be evil, but nobody should miss an opportunity to alliterate. Ichabod discovers that Henry won’t touch his parents in case he discovers he’s not a special singular suffering snowflake (hah).  Hedging his bets he calls him Jeremy, but it doesn’t work. He grabs hold of him and it turns out Henry might be trying to hide his own emotions as we see a flashback to his tortured childhood.

Trying to figure out a way to save Katrina and the world they somehow figure out they can do it with the power of the Aurora Borealis. As they search the web for answers, Ichabod realizes that hell on earth is actually dial-up internet and he is living it. While he complains, Abbie breaks Franklin’s code and discover that he has built an Aurora prism (although I prefer calling it an Aurora prison) that is currently embedded in the tablet the Hellraiser club has.

When they figure out they’ll need an army to storm the club I figured the Mills sisters were enough and what Abbie had in mind, but bringing Reyes somewhat into the loop is also satisfactory. They raid the creepy facility and Abbie shoots while Ichabod cracks the code on the box holding the tablet. Or rather Abbie shoots and cracks the code (again) while Ichabod mutters about the modern generation’s lack of imagination. They make a break for it but Reyes stops them… To congratulate them and bring Ichabod back into the action.

But they have no time to lose because Katrina’s past having contractions. The baby is about to pop out of her Alien-style before Ichabod breaks the tablet and uses the Aurora prism on her. Katrina’s belly goes back to normal but her breathing doesn’t get with the program. Ichabod having luckily learned mouth to mouth, after seeing Abbie almost drown, saves her.

As they start making out Abbie excuses herself and goes to talk to a tree until Ichabod finds her to annoy her with the belief that Henry can still be saved. She doesn’t agree, but they fistbump anyway because they are adorable.

Not two minutes after his father says he can be saved we see Henry introducing himself ro some sort of new electrical hell and the episode ends.

Ichabod vs. Modern Times moment of the week:  I must Internet!

Abbie Mills is Queen moment of the week: She does everything this episode, infiltrating the Hellfire club, breaking codes, holding Katrina’s hand. Everything. Crane wasn’t really needed.