Sleepy Hollow Season 2, Episode 8: The one with the Magenta Souls

Once more, the episode starts with the Cranes, though this time instead of enjoying dream/nightmare post-coital snuggles, they are enjoying an own-brand version of the Bachelor. And yes, they are enjoying it, even Ichabod, despite his complaining and especially because of it. The man loves nothing better.

What was interesting about this scene was the couple’s contrasting approach to love. Katrina sees it as a gift, something beautiful and wonderful, but also something that you choose to bestow. Ichabod sees love as having more of an 80’s rock ballad twist to it. Lighten up dude.

I can’t believe Katrina’s still stuck in that corset and that they’ve done nothing to remove her necklace. You know, the one given to her by her evil not-boyfriend. Also note to the Ichabbie shippers out there, I don’t know how deliberate the names Courtney and Amber were, but the guy definitely has his eye on Amber.

The couple talks about their relationship and once again Katrina exhibits her extraordinary talent of making things seem far better than they are. Apparently it’s easy to let bygones be bygones, the small matter (edit: and this is just speculation) of murdering one’s competition is just a normal, petty misunderstanding between a wife and her husband.

Abbie arrives and was actually doing apocalypse related things unlike the two reality binge-watchers. She shouts out Crane, and then does it again, technically calling for both of them. Ichabod complains about TV programs, but Katrina asks for more. Abbie flashes a grin everyone who enjoys sharing trashy (and amazing) TV knows, but alas reminds the Cranes that they have things they should be doing. Like stopping the apocalypse. The one their son is all for starting.

Speaking of the devilish teenager, he is currently occupying himself with a bitgglass jar full of red trouble and a still-beating-but-removed-from-an-actual-body heart. It, in all likelihood, belongs to the succubus Henry just summoned, which immediately springs into action by attacking a boy with glasses, who is too intimidated to talk to girls. He shuffles off this mortal coil with hickeys and a scream.

Having left Katrina at home to go and investigate the crime scene, Ichabod and Abbie decide to flirt. Upon finding that dance clubs used to be called private dancing societies, places that the Cranes frequented, we have this glorious and very platonic conversation:

“So you like to dance?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?”

This is just the beginning of a whole bunch of moments in the episode, not just between Abbie and Ichabod, when we see clear proof that everybody has great chemistry with everybody else, unless they are canonically married.

Crane continues his well established tradition of touching everything at crime scenes and it’s a good thing they’re in Sleepy Hollow where all crime is supernatural otherwise there would be a lot of guys getting away with it because of destroyed evidence.

They have a heart to heart about Henry, again, and Ichabod gets on my last nerve when he says that he only hoped Katrina would be returned to him and she has. It’s a poor turn of phrase to use when the person who saved her the first time, by sacrificing herself, is standing right next to you.

He believes that since Abbie and Katrina ‘were returned to him’ he should not give up hope for Henry. The man is comparing apples to murderers here and thinks it makes sense. Abbie has literally never stepped a foot wrong the entire time he’s known her, Katrina only has the minor murder she may have committed and a few lies and deceptions weighing her down, but Henry? Henry is murdering and torturing people right and left and is trying to make hell on earth a reality. But I keep forgetting, he had a rough childhood. Boohoo.

Abraham mirror!calls Henry and is beside himself about Katrina’s disappearance, but he is rudely hung up on because Henry is far more interested in his glowing red jar. That is not the weirdest euphemism you’ve read today, it’s a jar full of regurgitated souls.

Meanwhile the gang is researching and Abbie asks Ichabod to look for the thing, which he apparently knows like a second Zhu Li. Katrina proves her worth by actually helping out and pointing out some markings, then keeling over while experiencing weird flashes to Henry’s cradle. She expertly asks for a special kind of tea Abraham always brought her but it’s totally okay if they can’t find it for her. Though Abraham always did. This brings a close to their research and Abbie and Ichabod’s unofficial takeout night, which is just rude.

The succubus is hard at work killing lesbians with unrequited crushes, but before you complain about how unoriginal that is let me break your heart a bit more by adding that it was her crush who went looking for her, to make sure she was okay, so maybe it wasn’t unrequited after all.

The same markings are found on the dead girl and Ichabod mentions he should review some of their data, which would have made sense had he not been a man with an eidetic memory. Eidetic is a far better word than photographic, because then you don’t run the risk of accidentally describing his memory as photogenic.

Katrina’s mention of unaccounted for artifacts is what leads to Abbie going on a not-date with Nick. He should have taken the hint when she brought along photos of corpses. After finding out it’s not a date and telling her he has no idea how those marks were formed he proceeds to hit on women he doesn’t actually make a move on.

Upon hearing this Ichabod’s view of Hawley isn’t so much lowered as it is reaffirmed. As they discuss the case Katrina spouts out a wealth of information leading to Abbie figuring it out and Ichabod being aroused by the whole interaction, but remaining otherwise useless

The succubus hones in on one’s secret desires which in Hawley’s case appears to be people cosplaying Abbie Mills. Katrina tracks her mystical energy by using candlewax and a map, her magical GPS leading them to Hawley’s sorry excuse for a home.

We cut to a, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, slightly adorably tipsy Hawley who is about to have what is left of his soul sucked out of him. He actually saves himself by using some sort of crystal he apparently brings to dates. A gunshot from team witness later and the succubus flees, leaving Nick in the strong and capable arms of Ichabod. Aw.

As they explain to Nick that the succubus is drawn to hidden desires and they both instantly look at Abbie and then at each other, having a little bonding moment over their crush. They leave Hawley and drive back home. The minute Abbie wonders why Parrish would release a succubus Ichabod starts talking about is married troubles and then plays devil’s wingman for Nick.

Abbie wants things to remain uncomplicated however, which is a terrible reason not to date Nick because that’s exactly what sleeping with him could be. Ichabod urges her on saying that opening your heart to someone isn’t a complication and then Abbie looks at him in the most sweet and heartbreaking way possible and assures him it is…

Katrina has more cradle nightmare flashbacks but Ichabod holds her close. What follows is perhaps my favorite exchange of the night:

“Your mind is still struggling with what you lost.”

“An unholy creature of purgatory?”

As they figure out that the succubus should only feed once a month, Katrina gets another flash and we get more creepy shots. Baby Crane is apparently making his own baby from the soul jar. The endless debate about Henry continues and at this point I wouldn’t blame Abbie for just leaving them to their own devices and going to be a badass on her lonesome.

Abbie and Katrina argue about it and Ichabod just waits to the side making awkward hand gestures until he actually has to step between the two women to stop them murdering each other over a horseman of war. Katrina leaves to check some mystical texts and Abbie her files which is what they should all have been doing.

Since they’re actually researching now, they find out that the succubus is named Incordata and that its heart is in a box somewhere separate from her body. If you destroy the heart you can destroy the body, which is exactly what good old St. Valentine did. Through listening to her single girl woes we find out that Abbie’s favorite ice-cream is rocky road. Much alike her relationship with the Cranes.

The heart is at the cemetery and they don’t know what the succubus looks like, so they split up, Abbie and Katrina heading for the cemetery and Ichabod off to hunt the succubus with Hawley, the only one to survive her so far.

In a bout of fanservice nobody asked for, but that I find incredibly amusing, Ichabod and Nick enter a club looking for the monster. While in there, Ichabod decides to become an honorable intentions detection machine, because he can’t help but be nosy and Nick turns into a high school kid asking if his crush is talking about him.

While looking for the heart, Abbie and Katrina have a heart to heart about Henry and it doesn’t make me want to claw my eyes out for once. Much like Ichabod has clung to his wardrobe in the face of constant change, so is Katrina clinging to the idea that her son can be saved. We also get a brief mention of the Mills family (which we’re getting a whole episode of next time woohoo).

They find the most easily detectable anti-detection ward at last and Nick and Ichabod spot the succubus but lose it in a flash. They go after it, Nick handing Ichabod an untested dagger just in case. They check in with the other succubus killing team as Katrina lights candles with her hand and they try to find the heart’s location.

Crane spots the succubus again and follows her into a storage room where he gets himself locked inside. The heart’s location is found and it’s guarded by what appears to be maggots to Abbie and rats to Katrina. After steeling herself Abbie reaches for it knowing the maggots aren’t real but feeling disgusted anyway when she realizes she’s ended up with a heart in her hands.

Ichabod is cornered by a corset-wearing succubus and Katrina starts destroying the heart by using bad Greek, but the best Greek I’ve heard on the show so far. The moment Ichabod stabs the succubus Katrina doubles over in pain, fainting, so Abbie has to continue. Nick saves Ichabod from having his soul sucked but in the process loses his gun, so Ichabod both stabs and shoots the succubus that finally dies.

Then we have more strange fanservice:

“Didn’t think you could handle the power.”

“Just as well I could you. You needed all the assistance you could get.”

Abbie walks Katrina out, who manages to make a self-deprecating joke while also making fun of Ichabod, and Abbie loves it. They talk about demons and killing Moloch and Katrina believes she can do this best by returning to Abraham as a spy under the guise of an Ichabbie shipper. She leaves Abbie the pleasant task of delivering the news to Ichabod.

Back at the cabin Hawley is conveniently shirtless and injured and Abbie helps him with his wounds before handing him a heart. Very romantic stuff, which Abbie deflects by threatening to punch him in the throat. Ichabod stumbles out with the largest first aid kit I’ve ever seen outside a hospital only to get the news that Katrina is gone. He takes it surprisingly well.

When Abraham arrives with Katrina at Henry’s he is met with congratulations for her return and if that didn’t ring any alarms, Henry actually calls Katrina mother. Welcome baby Moloch into your hearts people and prepare for the Mills feels next episode!

Ichabod vs. Modern Times moment of the week:  Macking = Getting lucky. Named after Anthony Mackie, who’s sexiness transcends the time-space continuum.

Abbie Mills is Queen moment of the week: [He’s my son!] HE’S MY PROBLEM!