Game of Thrones Season 3, Episode 9: Where are they now? No. Seriously.

In Memoriam (To all the characters we lost, but who never died in our hearts, or technically, on our screens.)

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The Rains of Castamere episode is a television classic, yet it aired just over two years ago. The shocking ending undoubtedly makes it notorious, but the second time around I can’t help but notice that this episode marks the end of more than the King in the North’s campaign.

For starters, this is the last time that we see Rickon and Osha, as well as the Blackfish and the jolly groom himself, Edmure. The first two disappearing is no big surprise, since Rickon’s whereabouts are mostly a mystery in the books. The Tullys however, seem to be completely abandoned by the narrative (or Edmure’s stamina is just extraordinary and Brynden has serious urinary problems).

Brynden could have been a great addition to the cast, with his slipperiness both in matters of the heart and his general refusal to die, we’d have an honest character who gets to survive and thrive for once. And the show is poorer for having nixed bumbling human disaster Edmure Tully, whose arrested development and general lack of positive traits makes for great comedic moments. Mace Tyrell could have had some competition.

Also unless she’s still at the bedding with Edmure, what in the seven kingdoms happened to sweet Roslin Frey? Her husband seemed pretty eager to marry her, but that was before her family massacred his. What does she feel like being in the most emotionally and politically strained marriage in history? We will probably never know.

(book spoilers -ASOS onwards- in this paragraph only, please refrain from commenting on reddit without a spoiler scope) At this point it’s safe to assume Lady Stoneheart died for good this episode. I was hoping for her return at the end of season 4, but no luck. Since Michelle Fairley (who absolutely slayed it this episode), might not have wanted to return as a character without proper lines, why not give it to Oona Chaplin? Her character’s wounds would have allowed for speech and both book-readers and the unsullied would have been surprised. I mean for a show obsessed with revenge, they sure missed out on the supernatural wraith that has no other purpose.

Other than a small scene the subsequent episode another victim to the no-longer-necessary character whirlpool, is kindly old grandpa Walder. He might be a terrible father (and husband and human being), but it will be a cold day in hell before he suffers an insult on his family’s name. Much like Tywin Lannister he seems to care both too little and too much for his family.

An honorable mention must go out to Daario’s original face. It will not, personally, be missed, though I quite enjoyed the few cracky theories about him being a faceless man that resulted from this face-change (Gregor must be a founding member of the many-faced God’s religion).

R.I.P. Characters. May you join Gendry in rowing heaven.

The recap can be found here (imgur) as per usual.

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