How to Get Away with Murder Season 2, Episode 2 Review: Whatever’s the matter with the DA’s office

It wasn’t as obviously bombastic as the season premiere, but this episode was full of great scenes and moments between characters.


Annalise and Bonnie – The big tearful scene between them has to be one of my favorite moments on the show. The acting was incredible and the raw emotion behind their argument more than made up for whatever we were missing from the history between the two characters. This will be a scene that will definitely need a repeat viewing once we’re let in on Bonnie’s dark past.

Connor and Michaela – Their relationship has evolved from rivals to an almost sibling-like camaraderie and this episode showcases it beautifully. Aside from his playful ribbing concerning the person who is almost certainly Eggs, in the flash-forward we see that it’s Michaela that talks to him and urges him to leave Annalise’s side for his own good. And as a side-note: unpaid internships are criminal, but Keating’s internships are literally criminal, what is going on with these children?

Annalise and Eve – Eve really didn’t pull any punches during the trial. It makes me feel sorry for anyone that might have been paired up against the two of them in mock-trials at law school. The way it was later resolved explained to the world at large how anyone could ever leave Eve for Sam and I loved that with the exception of the courtroom scenes, almost all conversations they had ended with a happy, and in one case giggly Annalise. Eve brought out  a lighter side of her that is precious to see. I really hope she doesn’t disappear off to New York forever.

Got Away with Murder

Frank – From congratulating Bonnie on a murder well-executed to turning away Laurel because he realized a woman was treating him the same way he treated other women, Butter is a man of many layers. One thing I wholeheartedly appreciate about his character are the little class-clash moments when he rolls his eyes at the bourgeoisie.

The Hapstalls – The puppy was almost unsuccessful. It seems that Catherine is someone that observes and then acts, unlike perhaps her brother. She was the one that kept him from throwing Annalise out the room when they first met and she quickly guessed what Wes was up to.

Michaela – She nearly dipped into the category below for agreeing to a date with Levi/Eggs, but she did save the Hapstalls from a third murder charge and that has to count for something.

Serving Life without Parole

The DA’s Office – Producing fabricated evidence and putting a man they didn’t believe to be guilty on trial is bad enough, but giving Emily such a big case hours after she tanked Nate’s case is just malpractice. Her career should have been about as dead as she was in the flash-forward.

Nate – I was feeling sorry for him seeing Annalise moving on with another person, but then I realized he was stalking either Eve or Annalise. This is not a good sign.

Asher – Walking proof that being well-intentioned doesn’t mean you’re not actively hurting people with your uneducated, and frankly insulting, proclamations of support. Also he’s my frontrunner for Emily’s murderer and Annalise’s wounds. I don’t think he’s capable of murder, but he is most definitely capable of causing that giant mess.

Connor – His moments with Michaela aside, he isn’t having a really great week. He violated Oliver’s privacy in a massive way and blamed a dying woman for her death as she lay back and gasped her last seconds of air.

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