How to Get Away with Murder Season 2, Episode 3: Shocking Third Murder in Lawyer’s House

Wes is really making a habit of killing things with a blow to the head in the Keating house, huh?


Michaela – Not everyone actively searches for the big  “O” and that’s fine. Michaela however, seems to have gone her entire life involuntarily lacking any satisfaction and it pains my soul. I loved that this revelation wasn’t met with mockery, but rather with sympathy and abject horror. Too bad her new boyfriend, despite his abilities in bed, is probably up to no good.

Bonnie – She truly is a fascinating character. Her boyfriend cheats on her and they break up and although she’s upset she deals with it with a resigned shrug. She murders a woman in cold blood and hardly seems affected by it. Yet the moment Annalise becomes involved with anything in her past, present, or future, she is reduced to an emotional wreck. She is Annalise’s personal grocer and tries to regulate her eating habits! There’s something explosive in their shared history and I can’t wait to find out what it is (variations of this sentence might as well become a permanent fixture until that day). Also if you asked me a day ago to tell you which character would be the most fun to get drunk with, Bonnie wouldn’t even break the top ten. Who would have thought she was this magnificent?

Connor and Oliver – Connor’s timing might be lacking, but the fact that he tells Oliver exactly where he was and why, will lead to less drama down the road, and proves that he might have learnt to use that big mouth for healthy communication.

Got Away with Murder

Levi – In what is probably one of the most boring twists ever, Levi is not Eggsy, but Eggsy’s foster brother. He seems to be exactly where he wants to be and shakes up Wes enough to get him on his side. His continued interest in Michaela is likely due to the fact that he wants further access into the group, though it could just be a straight man’s natural reaction to being anywhere near Michaela. I hope it’s the later for his own good as well as Michaela’s.

Laurel and Frank – Laurel is making an effort both to get to know Frank and to pretend she is not interested in him. Frank’s reaction to the whole situation is perplexing. One would assume that since he demanded she get to know him, he would provide any answers about himself that were necessary for this to become a reality. Unless “get to know the real me” is some P.I. code for an invasive background check, his reluctance to share even a glimpse of what made him the man he is, is confusing given the circumstances.

Wes – He went from trusting Annalise to doubting her words, which is a tricky place to be in. On one hand she did lie to him and is covering up Rebecca’s murder, on the other hand this wasn’t done with the intention to harm him and if he goes up against anybody it should be Bonnie.

The Lannisters Hapstalls – It was such a non-reveal that I almost forgot about it writing this. This tells me that the writers have either seriously underestimated how wicked their audience is, or that we have another lame twist coming, a la Eggsy.

Serving Life without Parole

Annalise and Relationships – That woman leaves behind her nothing but death and ruination (and knowing all this I would still probably date her). First we see that she has kept in flirty contact with Eve (who is completely serious about proposing). Then she calls up Wes in the middle of the night, because apparently Bonnie -reigning champion of Murder Basement!- wasn’t even an option. They talk about their exes. As you do. Lastly she goes to Nate’s house, because she knows how great she is and doesn’t get the door slammed in her face. I know he has an agenda, but it’s still plausible that after everything he will forgive her.

Annalise – She makes sleeping alone on expensive sheets and drinking vodka sound like an extravagant adventure we almost believe, despite knowing it’s actually passing out on the covers only to wake up to the sound of Asher the trust fund burglar and a household pest.

Asher – His entire life probably belongs in this category. He broke up with his loving girlfriend and let her think he cheated on her rather than tell her the truth about himself. He stood up to his blackmailer only to go running to his father rather than Annalise who could use him as a double agent and get him out of whatever trouble he’s in. I just hope that Trotter Lake is the place where he keeps and provides for his secret baby, rather than the more probable and violent alternatives.

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