How to Get Away with Murder Season 2, Episode 4: Of Cliques and Cults

Eros and Euthanasia, two Greek words that evoke very different feelings, but were both intriguingly present in the episode.


Michaela – My heart goes out to Michaela. In the flash-forward she seems to bear the brunt of dealing with people outside the murder crew, all while her ability to do so is doubted. The current good thing in her life, Levi, is only around because of ulterior motives and just when she thinks Annalise is giving her more responsibility, she is told that being chosen has more to do with her breasts than her brains. Still, she does her best and develops a connection with Caleb which later becomes useful. We also finally get an inkling of why violent currents flow under her pristine surface. Her life was in all likelihood far rougher before she was adopted.

Bonnie – She has always been a soldier, Annalise’s guardian angel, and this time she goes one step beyond. Not only does she discover Asher, the ticking time-bomb, she also throws herself in front of the potential blast by taking credit for Sam’s murder (and yes I’m deliberately choosing to use credit). To say I’m excited for next week’s episode titled “Meet Bonnie”, is an understatement.

Got Away with Murder

Levi – The shadiest of shadies. This man’s shadow has a shadow and his involvement both with Michaela and Wes will not have a happy ending.

Connor and Annalise – This week’s case brings out everything that is wrong with the group’s dynamic and Connor is seemingly the only one that is concerned. They are a sort of murderous cult, killing and helping others kill without repercussion. The unhealthy co-dependence that has grown between them becomes obvious when Annalise confronts him about the leaking of the video to the prosecution. She could fire him and get it over with. Instead she reminds him that he was involved in her husband’s murder and the fact that he wasn’t his actual killer won’t save him. He ends up staying.

Laurel – She, along with Wes, was introduced as moral. And while I do believe she has a personal code, at this point  her superior morality was definitely just a wrong first impression. Laurel is calm and precise, and not afraid to get her hands dirty, which is a dangerous combination. I sadly don’t know any Spanish, but her conversation could well be with or about her family, which given Frank’s small hints will play a major role further down the season. And though it has nothing to do with the plot, I feel it’s well worth mentioning how lovely she sounded speaking Spanish.

Annalise and Nia – The scenes between them were powerful and tragic. I did however, think that the way assisted suicide was handled was sort of clumsy and one-sided. It’s a very intricate and delicate subject and a review is certainly not the place to analyze it, but suffice it to say that assisted suicide and suicide are very different in nature.

Wes – He’s playing a dangerous game trusting Levi. Wes might be tired of people lying to him, yet he still follows them around. He is cutting himself out of the group, disappearing to collude with his fellow conspirators. Given that Asher is a clear and present danger, Annalise will likely pretend she never saw him with Nate and try to manipulate her way into finding out what their meeting was about. The fact that Asher’s taking the stand against them will help her greatly. Or -in the biggest plot twist of the season- she will be straight with him.

The Hapstalls – Catharine’s virginity might prove useful to their case, but their troubles are far from over. At the end of the episode we see an extremely worried Caleb, who I’m almost certain fears for his sister. We have yet to see what part she plays in the flash-forward and I’m betting it’s a big one. Also while they were probably not having sex (and I’m not ruling it out just yet because on this show you seriously never know) the fact that the staff members suspected them, means that they were up to something.

Serving Life without Parole

Asher – I don’t think even daddy can save him from this one. If the DA has something on him, the chances of Annalise finding out what that is are high and given that he has chosen to side against her, his odds of him making it out unscathed are rather unfavorable. Bonnie putting herself in harm’s way will definitely present him with an interesting conundrum.

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