How to Get Away with Murder Season 2, Episode 5: Everybody’s Breaking Bad

I was very disappointed that what I though would be a Bonnie-centred episode, was instead an episode all about Asher’s ethical dilemmas. It still had some nice character moments, though the plot suffered from rushed or awkwardly edited scenes.


Asher – The fact that he is the most innocent and maybe even moral in the house may be about to change soon, but he sort of impressed me this episode. I didn’t agree with his decision to turn Bonnie in (before he saw the tapes), since I think that Annalise makes a strong case for the fact that she may well be convicted even if she had been defending herself. However, he chose to do what he thought was right, not what was easy, something that is at odds with my first impression of him as the human embodiment of a republican frat party. What he is going to confess in the flash-forward remains a mystery, although chances are he’s wrong about what he thinks he’s been a part of.

Michaela and Caleb – We see the first signs that point to their relationship in the flash-forward. His deep sadness about who his aunt turned out to be seems to really resonate with her as we see from her staunch defense of his sister’s protests in the court room.

Connor and Oliver – Connor might be in free-fall, yet he doesn’t let that affect their relationship. Not telling him about all his troubles with Annalise is probably one of the least selfish things he’s done. In the past his silence was a sign of guilt. He didn’t want Oliver to see him as a murderer and risk him speaking to the police. Now it’s more about him protecting Oliver from the vicious web of lies and death he finds himself in.

Got Away with Murder

Annalise -Why Annalise insists on keeping everyone in the dark even when it doesn’t really matter either way is beyond me. I know she likes feeling in control, but breeding paranoia isn’t a strategy that will help her in the long run. Especially if she prefers not being stabbed to bleeding out on the carpet. Still, there is no mistaking that she is very much in control. Wes may no longer trust her and it took her multiple tries to get Nate on her side, but with Levi eliminated and Asher silenced she is, temporarily at least, top dog.

Laurel – The fact that she doesn’t believe Frank capable of disappearing a body worries me, since her gut instinct is usually right and this is probably the result of her developing feelings for him.

The Murder Crew – They may snap at each other, point fingers and exhibit jealousy at the fact that Wes is clearly teacher’s favorite, and yet they still find time to discuss group orgies and if that’s not a sign of deep friendship, I don’t know what is.

Annalise and Nate – Their relationship has had more ups and downs than is psychologically healthy and yet they seem to be coming closer despite euthanasia, murder, a patsy for said murder, and stalking being part of the picture. Ross and Rachel had it very easy.

Serving Life without Parole

Bonnie – When Bonnie falls on a sword, she makes damn sure it comes out the other side.  I was disappointed by what her tragic past turned out to be, not only because it’s a tired trope that needs to die a slow death, but also because it’s basically a slightly altered version of a relationship between two women on Scandal. It does explain their dynamic somewhat, but it’s becoming sadder and sadder that the most important relationship in her life is to a woman that treats her and makes her feel like a disappointing and unwanted child. I don’t think she tried to kill Annalise (mostly because it would be too obvious, plus we haven’t seen what Catharine Hapstall is up to in the flash-forward), but the fact that she leaves her side points to something poisoning their relationship.

Annalise and Wes – It hurts my soul to see him -justifiably- be so cold towards her.

Common Sense – Presenting the aunt’s racism as their only rebuttal is weak. I know they had that trick up their sleeve (which, in a beautiful symphony of symmetry is illegal when playing cards), but they could have at least argued that the aunt was on heavy medication. Caleb brought them the pills and everything.

Levi- I don’t think this will be the last we see of him. For all I know Annalise will try and defend him, since she makes a habit of saving people she framed. He remains shady and sort of boring.

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