How to Get Away with Murder Season 2, Episode 7: All the King’s Horses and All the King’s Men

Spoilers and trigger warnings for this episode: suicide. I don’t think Bonnie literally pushed Sinclair off the ledge, because that would be too obvious. However, given this episode’s running debate about whether a person can be mentally pushed into committing suicide -something that does actually happen- I believe Bonnie has a more active role than simply standing by, though I’m coming up short on anything that would make Sinclair jump. We might find out exactly what happened next week, but I doubt we’ll get reveals for both Annalise and Sinclair.


Laurel – As usual Laurel works hard and earns her MVP status on the team. She pseudo-seduced a security guard, saved Connor from his boyfriend’s plan (though King Cinnamon Roll himself is in definite danger) and actually talked to Annalise about how her chastisement was hurtful, unnecessary and perhaps cruel.

Eve and Annalise – Not even knowing that Annalise makes a habit of blowing up relationships can stop me from enjoying the heart-warming tenderness and lightness that characterizes most of their interactions. Annalise positively glows when she’s around her and her smiles seem real and reciprocated for once. Even if you know it’s nothing more than an unattainable dream, having someone willing to escape to Paris with you does wonders for the soul. On the downside, I’m really glad to see Eve back on the show, but it also makes me nervous that it might not end well.

Eve and the Ghosts of Boyfriends Past and Future – Eve and Nate talking about Annalise is something that needs to keep happening, hopefully separately from her defending him in a murder trial. Eve inquiring into whether Wes was Annalise’s boyfriend and Annalise revealing a past connection to Wes is tearing this fandom apart. For the record, he better be involved in an older case she handled because the birth-mother scenario will make for some extremely awkward -if not gross- re-watching.

Eve. – Enough said.

Got Away with Murder

Wes – Eve knows he killed Sam and that might hurt him down the line, especially now that Annalise is hurt and he showed less than warm feeling towards her when he was talking to Eve. He may seem relatively calm in the flash forward, but that gun is definite trouble. If only he still trusted Annalise, she would have handled that gun and let Frank dispose of it safely. In all likelihood he’s carrying the gun for protection, especially if they’re after the white pride poster boy (who may very well be a nice boy that came to Oliver’s house to invite him to tea). Where did the gun disappear to from when he was inside the house and him running outside? (Unless I’m forgetting he had it) Were Connor and Michaela running to the police about Oliver? Did Annalise try to stop them and the gun somehow ended up going off? Has Levi put an Annalise-killing curse on it? Do puppies even know how to shoot?

Serving Life without Parole

Asher and Bonnie – I can’t think anything of anything that can kill a relationship faster than realizing that everything that made you fall in love with a person is now the reason you hate them. Even without her past trauma she would find it hard to look at fun, care-free Asher the same way again.

Annalise and Bonnie – It’s funny how they’re repeating the dialogue from the beginning of the season, but instead of Annalise saying Annalise’s poison to the people she cares about and Bonnie saying that Bonnie’s nothing without Annalise, it’s the other way around. And by funny I mean tragic.

Oliver – No. Why? Hasn’t he been through enough? Haven’t we been through enough?

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Contributions from two of my followers on tumblr:

  • In the scene where Laurel speaks Spanish, she was talking to her cousin about the app that allows you to hide things from your parents.
  • Catharine takes insomnia medication and that is the probable reason she was out of it while Frank was taking her to the forest.