How to Get Away with Murder Season 2, Episode 8: The Art of Venting

The promo last week was a lying liar who lied. We didn’t get Annalise’s shooter. I’ve checked at least one person completely off my suspect list however. More under the cut.


Wes – I never really thought he’d kill Annalise, or at least try to, and I think this episode pretty much confirms he didn’t shoot her. Unless his regret that he didn’t come clean about Sam and face the consequences was nothing more than empty words, chances are that he would turn himself in if he shot her. His innocence and the fact that he urges Michaela and Connor to not go to the police are further connected, since we hear him tell Catherine that she shouldn’t take the plea deal if she’s innocent.

Oliver – Was the conclusion to his disappearance arc anticlimactic? Yes. Yes it was. Like many plot twists this season it just served to de-escalate tension built up in the previous episode in a decidedly disappointing LOST-esque manner. Do I really care since Oliver is safe and sound and having sex in an auditorium of all places? No. No I don’t care. He’s alive!

Got Away with Murder

Catherine – The girl was on fire this episode. From successfully lying to Annalise about not knowing Philip (and potentially -though unlikely- about killing her parents), to negotiating a fantastic plea deal, everything she touched turned to gold. Flirting with a boy by sending him a painting may have been a misstep, or a deliberate play on her side that she has executed successfully for the second time. This also gives me pause concerning:

Caleb and Michaela – They seem to have officially hit it off with a bang – and what a bang!- but speaking of bangs I find it slightly suspicious that Caleb decides to take a break from cuddling to show her a murder weapon he just happened to find.

Laurel – I love it when Laurel puts effort into something she considers worthwhile and is proud of herself. I like it a little less when that involves being used as a Band-Aid for the Bonnie-shaped bullet-hole in the Keating household, and/or anything that has to do with murderous cooks.

Serving Life without Parole

Frank and Proving his Worth – I would have considered Frank a fish you just can’t bait. But Annalise had him hook, line, and sinker this episode, berating his worth and intelligence to the point where he begrudgingly parted with 50K of his own money, in order to prove that he was better than Asher of all people.

Sinclair – I’m surprised she still has a career after prosecuting Sam’s murder case the way she did, and things are still going downhill for her at the speed of a falling body. I wonder if the person she was talking to on the phone is somebody we know. The only legally minded people currently out of the picture are in order of likelihood: Asher’s father, Sam’s sister, Eve, and Bonnie. Yes, after everything I still place sweet Eve higher than Bonnie on the list of people likely to betray Annalise. (It’s going to be her, isn’t it.)

Oh, and by the way, can someone who is more knowledgeable about guns tell me if the vent gun is the same model as Levi’s gun and which gun Wes gives to Bonnie?

And last, but not least: my image recap on imgur.

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The following is an emotional ramble that is probably regrettably melodramatic and bleak. It has nothing to do with any show, and it’s mostly for myself, because I feel I need to try and express this:

Some days are harder to write than others. I might be tired, or grumpy, or have terrible writer’s block. And some days it’s a struggle to find the will to entertain, to find the lighter side of things, when the ugliness of the world does its best to shatter my faith in humanity. What can anyone do in the face of such senseless violence? I don’t know. I really don’t. Days like these make me feel small. Unimportant. Powerless. Like all the laughter and love in the world can’t wash the blood off our hands and nothing I do really matters. And I have to try. Because I don’t know what else I can do except show love and try to help as best I can. My thoughts and love are with the people in Syria, Lebanon, France and everywhere in the world where beautiful, unique voices are silenced forever and the people affected by it. I hope tomorrow finds people safe, and that tonight’s nightmare is not answered with blind, vengeful hatred.