How to Get Away with Murder Season 2, Episode 9: Examples of Incorrectly Executed Reverse Crunches

What an episode! Once the twists and turns were revealed, who would shoot Annalise in the final scene became pretty obvious, but that doesn’t mean this reviewer wasn’t tricked in the previous episode. Annalise has been juggling so many lies it’s a miracle she only now started to drop them. Some questions remain unanswered, most intriguingly whose blood Bonnie sports (which is most likely Sinclair’s and this show is making me fabricate plot twists where they don’t exist) and what Asher goes to the police about, and we’ll have quite some time to theorize. Almost three months. I’m going to be posting some patreon exclusive reviews over the hiatus. Details under the cut.


Laurel – Many times we equate calm and collected with cold-blooded and calculated, yet Laurel’s decision while level-headed came from resigning herself to her fate and choosing the path of less mayhem, if not the most self-serving one, when it became obvious that Annalise’s handle on the situation was nothing more than smoke and mirrors. It was interesting that she was called second to last, since I genuinely believe Annalise was subconsciously going from least to most favorite when she was asking them to shoot her.

Michaela – She’s come a long way from the girl who broke down after Sam’s murder. Putting herself in front of Annalise in order to protect Connor from his worst self and trying to speak up for Catherine on Caleb’s behalf, did not come out of left field, but were rather natural progressions of a character that is fiercely protective of the people she cares about. She remains the one in the group most concerned about conforming to basic social niceties and her wish to express her condolences to Asher, reminded me that a season ago she was the one hesitant to exploit his father’s corruption, even though it was her that first discovered it.

Got Away with Murder

Asher – All things considered, he’s not doing that well, however the fact that he is in all likelihood literally going to get away with murder puts him on this level. He probably murdered the wrong person though, since I doubt Sinclair would expose his father when she has had bigger fish to fry. Classic Asher. We can all breath a sigh of relief since, at least for the time being, we can assume that he’s been coached about what he’s going to say to the police.

The Editing/Writing Team – Last year I had many gripes with the flash forwards, since they were tiring and it felt like each scene had been shown a billion times. This year, with the exception of Annalise gasping on the floor, most shots were new for each episode and blended together nicely for the final reveal.

Bonnie – With respect to a certain agent, I won’t call her the one-woman cavalry, but she came pretty close this episode. I am, however, reluctant to put her in the innocent category since she has some unidentified blood all over her person and an open vendetta with Annalise. It would be strange if she murdered someone (close to Annalise) so soon after expressing her moral crisis to Frank. Perhaps she picked up competitive chicken slaying during her time off.

Serving Life without Parole

Wes – Rebecca’s disappearance and probable death had been weighing on him all season. It poisoned his relationship with Annalise so it’s no surprise that he’s the one she finally baited unto shooting her. What is surprising was how cold he seemed as he went in for the headshot and how unaffected he is in all the flash forwards from that moment on. On the bright side, he’s definitely not Annalise’s son. On the downside he almost murdered her and she probably had something to do with his mother’s death. People pushing others into impossible situations they can only see one way out of has been a running theme these last few episodes. So whether is was something like that or something like Sinclair’s murder being staged as a suicide, Eve’s words of regret don’t promise anything good.

Sinclair – What’s interesting about Sinclair is that behind her general disregard for people and the law, she actually thought she was morally superior to Annalise. Perhaps we’ll never know who she was talking to on the phone, or why she was obsessed with taking Annalise down, but I hope the writers take advantage of these open possibilities even after her death.

Annalise – She pulls off being a highly functioning train wreck every day of the week, but this time the pressure proved too much. There are dozens of applicable metaphors. The puppet-master got too ambitious and tugging at the tangled strings led to one of the puppets shooting to kill. The spider that got stuck to its own dysfunctional web. I could go on. Caught between a rock and a hard place she decided to stage a suicide and goad one of her students into shooting her in the leg. The latter didn’t work and modern forensics guarantee the former won’t either. Her only hope is that Catherine will get blamed for staging the crime scene since the average jury will find it hard to believe that Annalise got herself shot in the chest on purpose.

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