How to Get Away with Murder Season 1, Episode 8: Something Wicked this Way Comes

Thanks to the good people over on Patreon, here’s a little trip down memory lane to get us through the long winter of hiatus and get me back into the swing of things.

Since this is out of order, and an older episode to boot, my usual review structure isn’t really fitting. So I think I’ll just do a brief comparison of characters then and now.

-Annalise shall always be magnificent, but we’re still at a point where the cracks in her armor seem part of the beautiful design in this episode. Her twisted relationship with her pond scum of a husband was her biggest weakness in the first season and it’s beautiful to see her orchestrate his downfall in the last scene.

-Wes has so much more to do in season one. Caught between Batman’s Rebecca’s quest for justice and Annalise’s need to control the situation he just seems so much more present than when Rebecca is removed from the equation and the quest for justice becomes his. It hurts to see him lose trust in Rebecca as he’s not likely to find anyone trustworthy, that will make him open up, anytime soon.

-Bonnie finally comes into her own in this episode and strangely enough that has everything to do with Annalise. The scenes between her and Annalise were the seed that really takes root in season two. While it is not the healthiest of relationships, I love its complexity and depth, particularly in the early stages when we had no understanding of how it had been formed.

-Michaela has grown up so much in such a short time. It’s strange to see her attempt to slap her then future mother-in-law, though it’s fascinating to see hints of her underlying physical viciousness. Stranger still to see her not only excluded from the group but also at odds with Connor with whom she now has a budding friendship. Who says a murder doesn’t bring people together?

-Laurel doesn’t get to do much in this particular episode. She should have stayed angry at Frank. Their relationship in general really puzzles me because in all other things Laurel is beyond capable of handling herself… Though in the end she did command his respect I suppose.

-Connor used to be so carefree, bless him. The general absence of Oliver weirds me out, though, and it’s interesting to note that he and Annalise could have really gotten into it because of what happened in court if it was this season.

-Asher… Remember when we all thought Asher was just another frat bro? Good times. (He still sort of is.)

-Rebecca and Nate came so close to nailing Sam. It’s strange to think that she trusted a cop of all people, though it’s a shame that she never managed to give Lila the justice she so wanted for her. Their flashback scenes are some of my favorite moments in season one.

-It’s extremely amusing that Michaela complains about not having time to study and they do normal things like form study groups. I think the only time we’ve seen anyone study in season two was when everyone except a hard-working Wes was getting it on.

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