How to Get Away with Murder Season 2, Episode 11: Luv Hurts

With last week’s establishing episode out of the way, this feels like the true start of the second half of the season.


Michaela – She stood up for herself under pressure, in the face of people she once liked and respected, and found the key to solving this week’s case. She also led the mini-rebellion against Annalise and would have stormed the psych ward to rescue Wes, if her fervor when talking to the night guard was anything to go by. A great week by any measure. There are terrifying echoes of Annalise in her, particularly when she reminded Caleb exactly what happened in their relationship.

Connor – Is becoming an honest to goodness better person and I don’t think it’s simply Oliver’s influence. There are still sharp edges to him, despite which he remains mostly compassionate, a trait he shares with Michaela. Despite what he, and the rest of the team, claim the protectiveness that they feel for each other doesn’t come from a purely self-serving place.

The Case – I often find forgiveness narratives very hard to swallow, because that’s just not how I work as a person. In this case though, I have to applaud how admirably it was handled. I didn’t once roll my eyes. The guest stars aced their roles, and Viola Davis’ speech was incredible. Too bad it was featured in an episode where too much was going on, even by this show’s standards.

Got Away with Murder

The Flashbacks – Frank’s haircut certainly counts as First Degree Something. Sam’s presence just filled me with dread and the fact that he was both Bonnie’s and Annalise’s therapist is a sore subject. I will say however, that hearing the baby’s heartbeat is the only thing that convinced me Annalise was actually pregnant, and we got .

Frank – A few episodes I would have thought that Mr. Delfino was as silent as the graves he’s dug for his victims. His confession to Laurel is one of the show’s biggest twists and I’m excited to see how it will pan out. Laurel will either run to Annalise, or compartmentalize everything neatly. It’s also really interesting as far as character development goes, and it’s strange to know that he actually loves her.

Wes – Can somebody please save Wes? And also who wants to bet he actually told the attending something? Whatever the case I hope the man found some momentary peace. It looks like the case Annalise fed him is going to keep him up nights.

Annalise – I can’t blame her for not exactly rushing to Wes’ bedside, since she did see his desire to kill her and still suffers from the wound he inflicted. Her desire to reconcile with him therefore speaks more to her promise to his mother and the weight of that responsibility, than perhaps their current relationship does. It’s also a step in the right direction as gar as her own mental health is involved. Thankfully the blanket baby did not make another appearance and Annalise’s issues with motherhood were dealt in a far subtler (for this show) way.

Serving Life without Parole (in Hell)

Sam Keating – I could have lived a long and happy life without seeing him back on the show. Seeing how far back Frank’s allegiance was split and his control over the women in his life were all already established. Seeing him play house with Annalise is just disconcerting.

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