How to Get Away with Murder Season 2, Episode 12: Mother Superior

People are always ready to blame TV for a rise in violent incidents, but why is no one talking about the impact of TV restrictions aka bedtime.


Annalise – For the first time after the hiatus it seems like she has a handle on things. Her new laissez-faire attitude towards parenting is serving her well, Nick might be back in her life, and though she may have a stalker, at least he doesn’t appear to be going to the police.

Wes – He’s getting closer to finding out what really happened with his mother and that’s a good thing, because he definitely did not kill her. We have been given no indication that his relationship is that damaged. Furthermore, he supposedly stabbed her in the neck which seems an unlikely place for a short twelve year old to reach, never mind attack, and he has zero blood spatter on his person, which makes me believe he found his mother like that and picked up the knife in shock.

Got Away with Murder

Frank – Sure, he told Laurel that he killed Lila, but I don’t think that’s even a drop in his ocean of sins. The fact that he was willing to let her think even for a moment that Annalise was the one responsible for the, let’s face it, assassination, makes me think that he has more than Lila’s skeleton in his closet. Sam knew he was up to something far worse than killing a teenage girl in cold blood and I can’t even imagine what that might be. In fact I don’t want to.

Laurel – While her little roadtrip with Wes was a nice way to avoid Frank altogether and I think there are quite a few people who have lowkey been waiting for the quiet ones to kiss for some time now, I still don’t know if her hiding the truth from Wes is going to work out long term, even though I completely understand her reasoning short term since Wes’ emotions are currently an exposed wire ready to short at any moment.

Family Ties – Pros: Annalise has canonically accepted her role as the Murder Mother. Cons: She hates her children.

Serving Life without Parole

Caleb – Every time I think this man has a clue what’s going on around him, he just goes and trusts the murder people again.

Caleb and Michaela – I do not understand how they went from saying pretty hurtful things to each other the previous episode, to smooching on the staircase. I understand that they are both under a significant amount of emotional stress, but that doesn’t give the writers free reign, no matter how attractive the actors are.

Philip – I do not know what his end plan is, but I know it’s not going to end well for him. He’s decided to control and manipulate Annalise Keating and her murder children. If he comes anywhere near Bonnie that’s the end for him.

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