How to Get Away with Murder Season 2, Episode 13: Plot Twist of the Knife

This was my favorite episode since the hiatus and one of my favorites this season. The side stories didn’t distract from the main plot, the present was cut seamlessly with the past, everything mostly made sense, and Eve is back.

htgawm 2.13


Wes – I told you last week that he hadn’t killed his mother, and while him pulling out the knife didn’t help matters, we can blame that one on the lack of first aid training geared towards 12-year-olds. He seems to be taking the appropriate steps towards getting closure, both about what happened with his mother and his relationship with Annalise. Isolating oneself isn’t always the best course of action -if horror movies are anything to go by it’s the worst thing you can possibly do- but I think it’s healthier for him to try and find answers on his own given how often his trust has been betrayed.

Got Away with Murder

Annalise and Wes –  I think I enjoyed this episode so much because it questioned who they were to each other, how they personally defined one another’s place in their lives. We didn’t get and answer, but I think we’re going to find out one way or another at the end of the season. I don’t necessarily agree with it, however, the fact that this entire season has been about children as they relate to their parents and vice versa, points to the needle landing on mother/son. Either that or the murder brats just got a new dad.

The Murder Brats (minus Wes) – Their is such a weird bond, but at the same time such an adorable one. Who could have predicted they’d be crashing at Asher’s semi-voluntarily (cause let’s be honest there are always hotels)? Or that Michaela would use her competitiveness to show that she cared for Connor? Or that Connor would be on friendly terms with Asher?

Annalise – On the one hand she threatened a woman with deportation, drove her to suicide, and then let her bleed out on the floor. On the other hand her magnificent manipulation of the DA was the essence of epic poems about getting what you want. It was beautiful to see how everyone -except Asher, bless him- read right into her play.

Serving Life without Parole

The Writers – This is the second time they have pretended that bisexuality doesn’t really exist. First we had Michaela angry that her fiancé might be gay because he had a few same-sex encounters, and now there’s Eve and Annalise’s argument that’s based on a lesbianism or bust point of view that is frustrating. I’m not saying there aren’t people, and therefore characters, that see the world this way, it’s just tiring when the majority of writers (see OitNB) seem to think that bisexuality is Voldemort: never to be mentioned by name.

The DA’s Office – I keep saying that they and the police appear to be largely full of incompetent or easily manipulated buffoons, though this kerfuffle wasn’t nearly as bad as the one with the spa footage. It was more of an understandable miscommunication due to cutting corners in a way that is probably very close to how errors like this happen in reality.

Frank – Dumped by Laurel, and with his drinking buddy now in knowledge of his murdering past, things are not looking good for him. Especially since he’s still covering for the fact that he was acting on Sam’s orders, and I suspect there’s an especially nasty cat coming out of that bag.

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