How to Get Away with Murder Season 2, Episode 14: The Fountain of Truth (and Vodka)

Quite a few significant things were finally revealed this episode, promising a very interesting final chapter to the second season.

htgawm 2.14


Wes and Annalise –  They did very little this episode, apart from grumpily trying to nap/drink in peace, that didn’t revolve around one another. While I didn’t like the way the flashbacks were resolved, I’m as obsessed as ever with their dynamic.

Team Murder – The DA had no hope in this world or the next of cracking this elite team of sassy murdering obfuscators. The questioning/interrogation back and forth was far more entertaining than the crew’s drunken escapades. Although maybe that’s just me and my love of competent lying. And sass.

Eve in the hospital – She did exhibit some possessiveness and entitlement in the episode -which was part justified, part grating- but her scenes in the hospital were heartbreaking. Not only within the context of a person trying to find out if their ex, who they still care about, is alive, but also knowing that even if they were still a couple, even if they were having a child together, she would not have been afforded the rights of a family member by the justice system.

Got Away with Murder

Laurel – It was only a matter of time before she did something inadvisable given everything that has happened to her and the weight of all of the secrets she’s carrying, but when she does, it’s in classic Laurel fashion. Her drunken ramble against Annalise is somehow still helpful and she holds it together long enough to protect Oliver from their secrets and their secrets from Oliver.

Asher and Michaela – I don’t necessarily think that their drunken fooling around adds anything to the show, or that they have chemistry -or even a future- but their awkwardly adorable interaction beforehand, with Asher offering himself up as a punching bag, saves the scene.

Bonnie and Frank – Their combined hypocrisy in pointing the finger would have been entertaining enough on its own, but then there’s the added element of sibling rivalry which makes me wish this was actually a comedy about a lawyer putting up with her extended found family as murder happens around her, instead of just having the potential for it.

Frank’s Flashback Naked Time – I hesitated giving it a pass, and the only reason I actually thought about this at all, is how seemingly random it appears. However, at second glance his almost timid response to the woman at the bar (compared to his confident flirting with Annalise’s student within the same timeframe) is just another layer we can add to Frank Delfino’s inferiority complex concerning his social status. And you all know I love that inferiority complex.

Serving Life without Parole

Bad Tropes Galore – The moment I saw Annalise talking on the phone and driving I felt a sense of unease wash over me, and while she actually had her phone down when the crash happened, they could have found a more inventive way of sending her to the hospital (Or hey, not making her pregnant in the first place!). Ditto with Wes’ conception story. How many more women need to suffer on this show? We already know that rich white men are the worst.

The Flashback – I think the flashbacks have mostly failed, slowing down the show and not living up to their potential. Adding Sam was the biggest mistake, since he wasn’t a character anyone was ambivalent about, and his apparent niceness, however realistic given the complexity of human nature, is a jarring emotional plot hole that serves no purpose given the fact that we have washed our hands of his character.

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