Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 1: Schrodinger’s Crone

Another season is upon us and this time we are navigating unknown waters. Much like Gendry Waters #stillrowingstrong

got 6.01

The Good

-Brienne finally rescuing Sansa and swearing fealty to her is the stuff little girls’ dreams are made of. If those little girls dream about a knight on a horse coming to save them. So exactly what Sansa’s dreams were made of. The scene is also a nice parallel to the moment when Brienne swore fealty to Catelyn.

-I loved that Jon still has friends in the watch. The only thing missing is to have Grenn and Pyp right beside Dolorous Edd, but I guess we can’t have everything. It was also nice to see Davos being useful and commanding. The man has just lost everything so it was good to see him throw himself into helping other and doing the right thing. However, I’m still waiting for an emotional meltdown on his end.

-Fans have been saying Melisandre is an old broad for years, so it was nice, if unsurprising, to se this confirmed.

The Bad

-Dorne. What was already the worst part of the show, somehow managed to reach new terrible depths of plot hell. Killing off popular characters may be what Game of Thrones does, but in this case, it just removed the only character that the audience had any love for. It says a lot about the writing when plans to achieve something the audience desperately wants -justice for Oberyn and Elia- are spearheaded (pun absolutely intended)  by characters we wish to see fail out of spite.

-I didn’t like Brienne’s cold-blooded rampaging. They planted a knife in Shae’s hands to absolve Tyrion of her death, yet Brienne gets portrayed as a ruthless killer? The woman’s a force of nature, but killing an unarmed man and not seeming even a bit conflicted about it seem out of character. Even for show Brienne.

-It was strange, out of character, and downright uncomfortable to see Ramsey exhibiting human emotions. This is not a man prone to little bouts of nostalgia. Give me more of his helpless rage at being replaced by a baby.

-Cersei would not have mourned her daughter’s kindness or softness. If anything she’d blame herself for not having better prepared her for *dramatic Littlefinger voice* the Climb.

-It’s not so much the fault of the show as it is the fault of GRRM’s worldbuilding (I can imagine it going down like this in the books as well), but it was still annoying to see a character as accomplished as Daenerys be reduced to someone’s widow and that being the reason she was afforded a little respect.

The Downright Bizarre

-The Dothraki comedy hour extravaganza. It was weird. I appreciated the Khal being interrupted by his bros about being too into naked women and not enough into lifting, but it was all in all too much. We’re supposed to be scared for Daenerys, not roll our eyes at the buff twelve year old boys that have apparently abducted her.

-Margaery is still imprisoned for the crime of maybe lying. No one is sure she is, but everyone’s guilty until proven innocent.

-Cersei’s dark-haired child remains lost in the land of plot holes.

-Along with the hounds that were so terrifying, they disappeared at the first sign of trouble. Man’s best friend indeed.

-How did the soldier identify Brienne as a woman when he didn’t even have enough time to properly draw his sword before she had rid the world of him? She was a streak of silver righteous fury.

-Minor ooc moments: Daario seeing a future wherein he grows old, Tyrion not being hyperaware that people are looking for him and that he looks different, the Night’s Watch being appalled that there are murderers and traitors in their ranks, Jaime turning into show!Catelyn.

-We’ve already seen Melisandre without her magic pendant and she did not turn old. I’m willing to let this slide since we can pretend she was more powerful then and could thus project her desired form without the aid of jewelry. But still. We get it Game of Thrones, you like mammaries -R’hllor bless them- that doesn’t mean you need to stay on brand with the long lingering shots.