Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 2: R’hllor Bless us, One and All

When season 5 ended, my biggest worry about season 6 was how they were going to adapt a book series that had yet to catch up with them. The answer to that is apparently adapting parts of the series previously not touched upon. We’re finally getting to book material that could have happened two seasons ago and I’m so happy I can barely grumble about it. This is the first time in a long while that I genuinely enjoyed an episode.

got 6.02

 The Good

-Bran’s flashbacks were some of my favorite parts of the series. We could have had them last season, but better late than never. I really enjoyed seeing Wylis, and more than that I adored their choice for casting and the characterization of Lyanna. She looks young and hearty and alive. Everything is of course going to go tragically wrong.

-Jon is back. Or is he really? What came back?

-Jon’s friends being there for him. Jon’s friends going to war for him. My heart.

-It wasn’t really touched upon, but it was really important to me that Brienne, who  doesn’t really “like a lady”, reported on Arya’s similar choice of garments and was met with nothing but fondness from Sansa.

-Sansa and Theon had a really nice scene together, though I’m happy they’re going their separate ways so we can see them grow individually.

-We finally get to see more of what’s happening at the Iron Islands. I find it interesting that Theon is returning and I can’t wait to see the election (Kingsmoot hype!) and be introduced to everybody’s favorite anime villain pirate the guy who threw Balon off the bridge. Asha/Yara emerging as the first ambitious, yet peaceful and reasonable female ruler, is my happy place.

-Tommen learning how to rule from Cersei is going to be a train wreck ending in multiple deaths and I’m going to enjoy every single second of it.

The Bad

-Roose Bolton was pure evil. He was also one of my favorite characters and his sensible cruelty was the only thing standing between the North and chaos. Ramsey is a very flat character that is rendered even more one-dimensional now that the threat of his father and the new heir is removed. EDIT: Roose dying the same way he murdered Robb was a nice detail.

-While I wasn’t as annoyed as others were that the star of this fanfic got near dragons and lived to tell the tale, it’s still terrible writing. I like gorillas and I know they’re intelligent, but I’m not going to share a childhood story with them and then attempt to pet them. As someone who has read the books I can take a pretty good guess about the nature of the plot armor that allowed him to do that, but casual viewers in particular should have found it very odd, since it came out of nowhere. Unless they also congregate at the church of St. Tyrion.

-Poor Myrcella is dead, and her brother and father talk about her dead boyfriend more than they ever mention her.

-Can we stop with Tyrion’s “jokes” now? Though as a side note, if it was said with a touch more bitterness, I would 100% buy book!Tyrion telling Varys that he’s thinking the jokes even if he never tells them out loud. It would have been a great character moment.

The Hilarious

-“I AM THE STORM!!!” My favorite kind of villains are ones that are legitimately terrifying, yet also unbelievably easy to make fun of. TV watchers, his name is Euron and we’re going to have a blast.

-Cheer captain Davos Seaworth trying to make things work with grand speeches and near-romantic declarations. (But when is the impact of losing his King and his entire family going to hit him?)

-Tommen despairing about Margaery and Cersei being apprehended by the Faith. No mention of Loras. I wonder why.

-HBO thought it had convinced people Jon was dead forever. I’m still laughing about that.

-Does Jaime still not know about Lancel?

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