Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 3: The Continued Adventures of Special Little Snowflake

Season 6 continues to be surprisingly adequate. This reviewer is perplexed.

got 6.03

The Good

-I don’t know how show watchers view Edd, but he’s one of my favorite secondary characters and I hope to read about him becoming Lord Commander.

-I’m happy Jon is finally able to choose for himself without the burden of oaths, though I’m very anxious for him to meet up with Sansa and also worried about his health. Yes, the ending was awesome, but he didn’t come back from a stabbing only to walk straight into the arms of hypothermia. Winter is here, Jon! Grab a coat!

-Bran’s flashbacks continue to bring me an entire tower full of joy. I know what they’re building up to and I think we’re going to get some very nice moments. Ned turning back was a touching moment. Arthur Dayne was great to see, as was the crumbling of honorable Ned’s lies. He had his reasons, but I don’t necessarily agree with them.

-As amusing as it was hearing Jon Snow say there is nothing in the afterlife, the repercussions this knowledge will have on him and Melisandre should be interesting to watch. Still waiting for Davos’ breakdown.

-I have a soft spot for creepy Dr. Qyburn. The scene with the children just endears him to me more. Same with Varys. If only they could teach Cersei some of their tricks.

-The casting is usually inspired and none more so than the High Sparrow. All his scenes make me grit my teeth in awed anger.

-Arya’s scenes finally transcended into something more than pointless brutal beatings. Her inner conflict about Sandor and her fondness for Jon (since she initially calls him her brother, something an impartial observer would never have done) make me believe that she still thinks of herself as Arya Stark. The kill list coming up in a house of assassins may point to her being sent out to murder someone in the near future.

The Bad

-What was going on with the lighting this episode? Was everything being filmed inside a giant blanket fort?

-Are they trying to make Dany’s full name more popular as a meme than khaleesi? Because I have suffered enough. The scene in Vaes Dothrak was mostly pointless though they are probably pacing the storyline in order for it to parallel Cersei’s trial.

-Yes, Gilly has had a terrible childhood (and life really), but her calm acceptance of Sam’s sudden announcement should have been met with a little bit more resistance. If it wasn’t going to be a point of conflict it could have been discussed and decided upon before they left.

-Rickon being in Ramsey’s hands just makes me want to press snooze on the entire Northern plotline until Sansa comes along. I have hope that not everything is as it seems, but that is likely denial.

Why R’hllor?

-I would have considered Tyrion’s attempts to bond and the resulting awkwardness a nice character moment. As it was executed, it was as one-sided as most conversations involving Tyrion tend to be. If it were any other duo of characters I’d give it a pass, however, Missandei and Grey Worm get little enough screentime as it is, without also having to live in Tyrion’s shadow.

-Jaime and Cersei as a power couple would also have been nice if not for the bizarreness of the scene’s positioning in the storyline. Still waiting for Jim to find out about his sister’s infidelity.

-And has everyone and his grandma forgotten that Loras is imprisoned?
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