Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 4: Well Done

This season continues the trend of being surprisingly good and giving me what I actually want to see. This was mostly the case in this episode, since my overall joy overshadows some of the awfulness.

Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 4: Well Done

The Good

-Sansa and Jon are reunited (and it feels so good). It was nice to see so many Starks in the same room again, smiling of all things. I think Jon in particular might have sprained a cheek muscle -on his face, his other cheeks are obviously well-toned. I loved their playful interactions and how they immediately trusted one another. They brought out the best in each other and I’m excited to see their relationship progress. (Side note: I don’t believe it was intentional, so probably thanks to the actors’ chemistry a lot of the scenes came out feeling rather flirty and romantic. My compass for happy and healthy relationships may be of course skewed since I’m not used to those in Game of Thrones).

-Danerys is at her brightest (literally), when she is setting people on fire. The scenes were beautifully shot and her exit was appropriately majestic. Any sympathy I may have felt for the Khals was quickly burnt away by their own actions and words.  She now has no clothes, an even larger army, and a new friend.

-Tormund’s little crush on Brienne is adorable and he is being characteristically unsubtle. It’s about time we saw someone clearly appreciating Brienne for the tall drink of water that she is. I don’t think there’s potential for any kind of serious relationship, but I’d love to see them bond over their unique experiences with bears.

The Bad

-The Bolton storyline continues to hold no actual interest and is seemingly only there to get rid of my favorite secondary female characters.

-Theon’s homecoming was very hard to witness and Asha’s roughness comes out of nowhere. Her apparent concern that he would take her place is a ridiculous notion, and while she isn’t a trauma therapist, she wouldn’t have been so harsh on him.

The Unresolved

-Trust me, I enjoy Ramsay digging his own grave by provoking Jon (and Sansa and the Free Folk) in that way, though it makes little sense for him to be frothing at the mouth quite the way he does through the letter. He usually enjoys taunting his enemies with an increasing level of intensity, not outright threats. This could have worked if Roose was still alive and Ramsay was showing his hand in a desperate attempt to prove himself. However, as it stands it seems to be written by a Ramsay far more unhinged than he currently appears to be (in Ramsay terms).

-Tyrion’s problem-solving when it comes to slavery is very Tyrion. Missandei is finally getting to express herself more and Grey Worm made some great points about how systemic slavery can’t be snuffed out by trying to appeal to slavers. I didn’t really mind Tyrion trying to find something that in his eyes is a middle ground, since characters have flaws, I just fear that the narrative is somehow going to prove him right. They already sided with him once, but I’d prefer it if they publicly pushed back, even in a diplomatic way. It will be interesting to see him fail in his efforts, particularly as it concerns the debate over Dany’s freeing of the slaves and the High Sparrow’s attempt to use many to overthrow the few. (For the record and so I don’t receive as many angry anons: I think slavery is not something to be met with half-measures and should be abolished immediately)

-Finally seeing Loras makes me relieved they haven’t completely forgotten about him, but now as his sister is threatened with a walk of shame (for lying!) his imprisonment has reached new levels of narrative pointlessness.

-Mr.Self-Interest is leaving the Vale instead of waiting for the world to tear itself apart so he can rule over the chaos, because reasons?

-Day one million and three. Dead Diary, Jaime Lannister still hasn’t found out about Lancel.

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