Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 7: Burning Bridges

Old characters are coming back at almost the same rate as new characters are killed off and at this point I’m just enjoying this carousel of murder.

Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 7: Burning Bridges

The Good

-We finally see baby Lyanna Mormont and I won’t say she’s the most precious ruler we’ve seen so far because I don’t think she’d appreciate it, but she is certainly one of the most level-headed. The ache of loss from never seeing the rest of the Mormont women remains keenly felt.

-Sansa and Davos’ indirect bickering is something I could watch all day, especially since the miserable conduit to their sniping is Jon.

-The Blackfish facing down Jaime almost makes up for the blandness of the Lannisters this season, as does seeing Jaime in Tywin’s armor.

The Bad

-Jaime still doesn’t know about Lancel. I’m going to grow old and wrinkly waiting for him to find out.

-Since when do professional assassins fall for the old falling into a body of water trick? I am ecstatic that Arya made it (even though I never doubted her chances of doing so), but I feel we would have been better served with a longer, Hitchcockian version of her attempted murder and escape instead of seeing her get beaten up for half the season.

-Sandor’s return from his sabbatical of penance would have been better received by this reviewer if it wasn’t accompanied by a swift erasure of his progress towards inner peace. I don’t like or understand writers’ frequent inability to produce a compelling and original resistance-to-violence narrative that doesn’t end in tragedy.

-Why would anyone in their right mind kill off Ian McShane after a single episode? He brought a brilliant gravitas and presence to a character that would most certainly have been forgotten otherwise. I would have liked to see a bit more on his take on religion especially if it was juxtaposed with the followers of R’hllor and the High Septon’s radicalism.

The Place of Eternal Ambivalence

-I loved finding out that Asha is apparently attracted to women. I would have preferred how she exhibited her sexuality to have been handled far differently. If I had wanted a new and improved version of Bronn I would have asked for it. Although I did love the costuming choice for her partner cause the skirt made her look like a mermaid.

-On the topic of Asha and the Ironborn: I’m glad she’s trying to help her brother, but her way of helping is less than ideal.

-Davos is one of my favorite characters, yet every second I see him involved in Northern politics I grind my teeth harder than his former boss. His moment with Lyanna was adorable, nevertheless I’d rather the Starks handle Stark business.

-Sansa making a very difficult decision and contacting Littlefinger means that the likelihood of them demolishing the Boltons is high, however it also has the rather unpleasant side-effect of bringing Baelish back into the fold.

-I don’t know what to make of a Tully who risks a family member’s life. I guess we can assume he thought the Freys didn’t have it in them (they didn’t), but still.

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