Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 8: Sailing Away

Friends that have been together through thick and thin part for good(?), enemies turn allies, and a great leader comes back from Burning Man just in time. Here’s what you missed on Game of Thrones:

got Season 6, Episode 8: Sailing Away

The Good

-I ship Brienne and Jaime about as hard as Bronn does, so forgive me for perhaps not being exactly objective about their scenes. It’s extremely important to me that Brienne is one of the people, if not the only person in Westeros, who trusts Jaime beyond a shadow of a doubt. His emotional response to that trust makes me remember why I fell in love with his book counterpart in the first place.

-Speaking of Jaime and the trust people have in him: his scenes with Edmure made me miss Cat and reminded us what people generally think of him. It says a lot about his reputation that he managed to talk his way into a castle thanks to it. Oh Kingslayer, they might not trust you to keep your word when it comes to honorable things, but threaten the lives of babies and suddenly you have a captive audience you will soon set free to accomplish your goals.

-I am beyond thankful that Arya’s situation has been resolved in the cleanest possible way. It doesn’t make sense that Jaqen would just let her walk, but at least I didn’t have to suffer through an Escheresque plot-twist. Plus of course I’m going to be okay with whatever lets me gloat about calling that fight in the dark ages ago.

-Shout-out to Essie Davis for killing it as Lady Crane before being killed off. Her relationship with Arya and her performance as Cersei were far more engaging than whatever it was that was happening with the Waif.

-My fears that Tyrion’s political mistakes would prove triumphs, were unfounded. Apart from my ideological objection to his decisions he made the mistake most in a position of power tend to make: he did not listen to the people around him and mistook the truth of their lived experiences for confirmation bias.

-Missandei and Grey Worm continue to be adorable. That is all.

The Bad

-I usually complain about GoT’s treatment of the ladies, but don’t think I’ll let the mistreatment of dudes slide either. Firstly we have Blackfish not only suffering Barristan’s death by show, but also doing so off screen. He could have escaped like he does in the books and we would be have been treated to the sight of him fighting for Sansa. Instead he wasn’t even shown the courtesy of what could have only been epic last moments.

-Then we have Jaime’s characterization lost in the land of I love Cersei. Love of another is a fine motivator, however personal growth and defining one’s identity are far more interesting and unfortunately far less commonly used as motivation in fiction.

-My complaints about the snail-like pacing of the Meereenese plot in the books does not mean I’m comfortable with Daenerys the amateur hour Deus ex Machina. It seems I am destined to always shake my fist at the pacing.

Missed Opportunities

-We saw Sandor take the boots, why not also take the cloak? The second I heard about the yellow cloak I was sure we were going to end up seeing him wear it.

-Lady Stoneheart. Yes. I said it. And I’ll probably keep saying. What’s more of a plot-twist than a plot-twist that doesn’t twist the plot(try not to twist your tongue saying it) of the ninth episode?

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