Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 10: Wild at Heart

This reviewer spent the better half of this morning amused at Jon Snow’s new nickname -KitN- since I thought someone was making a kitten pun using Kit Harington’s name. This reviewer is not a morning person.

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The Good

-Dany is finally on her way to Westeros. I’ve already commented on how much I like her alliance with Asha (for shallow and less shallow reasons). The scene where she presents Tyrion with the pin is lovely and important for both characters. I don’t think either one of them was there yet -they have not had that many scenes together- but it was still lovely and important.

-Sam’s reaction to the library was so #relatable. Hopefully he can sneak Gilly in, or sneak her out some books next season.

-Cute/Creepy crackpot theory time: You know I think Qyburn is adorable. I suspect he’s been teaching the little kids more than just killing. One of them stabs Lancel accurately enough to render him useless, but keeps him alive enough to have a truly agonizing ending, almost as if orchestrated. Conclusion: those kids are all getting medical degrees by Santa Frankenstein. Awwwww.

-Melisander is going South. There she will meet either Cersei or Daenerys. Both like to burn stuff, but I think Dany is more likely to fit the PtWP mold. In any case I don’t think that’s the last that we’ll see of her, but I’m glad Davos got his moment.

-The look the High Sparrow had on his face as he saw his flock turn against him made me wish that his fall from power was less explosive. On the flip side the entire sequence was so gloriously Cersei: get dressed in your best outfit and watch the world burn while toasting to their deaths. So, so watchable.

The Bad

-The Tyrells deserved better. I still don’t understand the reason they put Loras through that. Margaery’s end was better since she’d caught wind of what Cersei was about to do and we saw some last spark of her genius, but ultimately it’s a waste of a great character and a great actress.

-I don’t really comment on it much since it’s quite an unpopular opinion, but Lady Olenna rubs me the wrong way. She’s like a rude offensive grandma everyone just pretends is sassy. Yes, she’s charismatic and will probably help Dorne be somewhat palatable; however, I already know what my least favorite storyline is going to be next season. And I can’t believe they dragged Varys into it (who’s stolen Littlefinger’s teleportation machine?).

-Yes, the Septa was an unsavory character, but Gregor Clegane? The show was doing so well this season, but quotas are apparently still quotas.

-JAIME IS NEVER GOING TO FIND OUT ABOUT LANCEL IS HE?!? Though it will be interesting to see Jaime break away from Cersei because she’s basically Aerys 2.02 rather than be angry at her for her infidelity.

The Messy

-Sophie Turner and Kit Harington’s chemistry continues to be confusing. You know exactly what I’m talking about.

-I’m happy for my boy Jon, I really am. He’ll make a good ruler and he’s practical without being needlessly cruel which is exactly what the North needs right now. However. As inspiring as baby Mormont may be, everyone rallying around him makes little sense in-universe.

-The main reason -other than their fear of Ramsay- that the entire North didn’t follow the Starks into battle, was Jon’s (correct) decision to let the Free Folk over the Wall. If the brothers of the Night’s Watch who had actually seen the undead coming, killed him over it, why are the bannermen of the North so quick to overlook it?

-Another thing that doesn’t make sense is their quick acceptance of an illegitimate heir -and a deserter of the Night’s Watch to boot- despite Sansa sitting right there. I’m not saying it’s in any way fair, but monarchy rarely is, and the North is fairly set in its ways. Now, if Sansa had declared him a Stark in front of the entire assembly, not only would it have made me extremely happy, but it would also make his claim stronger.

-Sansa’s secrecy has been a source of plot holes and frustration this entire season. Yes, one can make sense of it if they put a lot of effort into it, but it’s ultimately bad storytelling that relies more on shoddily built suspense rather than actual characterization.

-As far as where her loyalties lie, I think there might be some tension between her and Jon, but that they will ultimately figure it out. I can understand her hurting over the fact that she was unceremoniously cast aside when this was her campaign to begin with, yet we saw her voice her absolute distrust of Petyr as well as outright regretfully say: “I was so focused on what I wanted, not what I had”. This makes me think that the show will be abandoning its own characterization if it makes her plot against Jon. (Warning: They have done exactly that many times before.)

It’s been great going through the season with you folks! Here’s hoping we see each other again sooner rather than later. (unsubtle patreon link to follow)

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