Westworld Season 1, Episode 3: Tragedy_Not_Found

Following Dolores and Maeve, this week Teddy is the host we get some more information on and boy is the backstory depressing.

Westworld Season 1, Episode 3 tl;dw

The Good

As any writer or GM knows, certain character just never get any depth. They get a shiny surface and maybe a purpose, but no real motivation. Up until now, Teddy was such a character and I think Ford is going to get a little more than he bargained for if Teddy gets closure. His girlfriend is desperately trying to get off the reservation.

So far I’m appreciating the way the exposition works. It is not always seamless, but new guests provide the perfect vessel into which to pour information in a gradual and organic way. They have certainly not resorted to lovely ladies writhing naked on top of each other while important information is passed along like other shows *cough*Game  of Thrones*cough* have. They are slowly answering most of my questions about how the park works and I look forward to the day the rules are all explained and then thrown out the window.

Speaking of the other big HBO show, I feel that this one treats women better, which might seem odd considering how most of the female hosts are specifically made to be used cruelly. First of all, so far we have escaped really graphic scenes and are left to fill in the blanks ourselves. And second and most important, I feel that the general metatextual nature of the show lends itself to examining the motivation and social implications behind creating a character meant solely to be a victim.

Loved the darker side of Ford we glimpsed this episode. Characters like him often get reduced to eccentric grandpas, but that scalpel to the face was a nice touch of characterization.

The repetitive Groundhog Day cycles have yet to become tiring, and I particularly enjoyed Dolores putting her past memories to good use. Kill me once shame on you and all that.

It is extremely fun to play the “Who on staff is actually an android?” game and Stubbs has nominated himself quite nicely. He carries a gun everywhere, knows about the stars, and is called Stubbs. Which probably means he’s clear but it’s amusing to ponder.

Is the Man In Black Arnold’s child/relative/lover? The mere fact that I doubt Mr. Androids-are-conscious would approve of his actions makes this possibility rife with tragic potential.

Gina. Torres.

The Bad

The mysterious people behind the people who run Westworld need to get more narrative meat to chew on cause at the moment they’re just a distraction from the parts of the show I already love and am invested in. Give us more or drop the plot thread until the last episode’s cliffhanger.

Ensemble cast shows often leave us wondering about the fate of our favorite characters for episodes on end, but for the love of Arnold can I get some more of Hector Escaton?

I don’t doubt that Ford would be exactly the kind of self-involved character to talk about humanity evolving past death to a father still mourning his child, but we’re going to need a bit more info on that end. Is Lowe part of a group or religion that doesn’t accept advanced medical help? Is that why he wears the glasses?

My cable company’s on demand access sucks, so when it buffered and came back right at the moment Stubbs and Hughes were searching for the stray in the dark, I thought my bad connection was ruining the video quality. Nope. Turns out it was just bad lighting. Have I not suffered enough with GoT S6? Have I not suffered enough?

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