Westworld Season 1, Episode 4: The Devil and Free Will

So many theories, so little time.

Westworld Season 1, Episode 4 tl;dw

The Good

While the scenes where Maeve wakes up to see her fellow androids dumped lifeless in glass boxes, was visceral, it was no match for the scene where she finds her older drawings. It was reminiscent of great Doctor Who moments and I had actual chills watching it.

Cullen was given more things to do and I think I love her. We saw a softer side to her and then her trope-tastic characterization as HBIC was flipped on its head in her scene with Ford. I am finally interested in the backstage drama.

So many of my problems last episode were seen to, and things I liked were expanded upon. Maeve and Escaton got more time, and more time together (something that has tickled my fancy since episode 1). The night shots were beautifully filmed. Ford took a definite turn from eccentric lil clockmaker to potential Bond villain. I am a very happy duckie.

He still has no name, but the Man in Black is certainly a character given more depth than we thought in episode 1. Rather than being just a bored rich guy taking a hobby to an extreme, he seems to be a man on a mission. What this mission entails is so far shrouded in misdirection, though whatever his personal motives may be he definitely wants the android awakening Arnold envisioned.

And since the Man in Black is perhaps not the hardcore gamer I thought him to be, Logan decides to proudly claim that title.

Lawrence wearing his noose and then his blindfold for scenes on end was a very amusing little detail.

The Bad

They should have ended the episode with Maeve telling him THE LINE.

Not much more complaining to be done here, so here’s a thought: why did they go for Westworld rather than the park with the Roman history theme? Android Spartacus would have been a thing of beauty.

The Worldbuilding

The existence of a religion that worships the faculty is a fascinating subject. It is unlikely to be human error like the bullet left inside Maeve, since it is included in the lore and the backstory of a central character. This is deliberate programming that shows us that perhaps incidents such as Maeve’s retention of memories were anticipated, and thus was created as a way to provide explanations to the hosts, or in the most supreme acts of hubris in the universe, the creators wrote in a tongue-in-cheek diety to represent them in the world.

I have a feeling Ford’s new storyline, is actually pieces of an older story created either by him or by Arnold. Too many of the pieces already on the board are involved for it to be brand new.

We see Dolores kneel in front of a grave with her name on it. This could be a simple recycling of the name (because every storyteller knows what a pain it is to think of new ones). Other possibilities include Dolores being a dead person’s avatar, a self-realized Dolores putting her old self to rest next to Arnold, or it’s the grave of the person on whom is based.

William is the person sent to inspect the park y/y?

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