Westworld Season 1, Episode 5: The Halloween Special

We’re halfway through the season and things are heating up -and I’m not just talking about the Spartacus levels of exposed flesh painted golden. In what was either brilliantly planned -or the most amusing of coincidences- this episode featured graveyards, creepy children in the woods, dancing skeletons and a Teddy’s worth amount of blood, just in time for Halloween.

Westworld Season 1, Episode 5 tl;dw

The Good

Laurence is becoming a favorite character simply by constantly being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Plot twist: Laurence is Arnold??? Put on your tin foil hats and work this out with me, people.

Felix has also become someone I want more of as a POV character after only a couple of episodes. He and Hughes’s crusade with a few sprinklings of Cullen are the only reasons my interest in the backstage shenanigans is alive and well.

I think I’ve already mentioned how happy it makes me to see genuine human error due to laziness, disinterest, or just plain ol’ enthusiastic incompetence. It’s far more realistic than most depictions of future work environments and therefore more relatable. Or perhaps that’s just my experience of watching medical malpractice in action.

Ed Harris and Anthony Hopkins going toe to toe was a joy to behold. It will be interesting to see how our initial misinterpretation of Ford as an eccentric grandpa and the Man in Black as Evil incarnate will further be explored and exploited after a scene in which they both seem to be shadowed in various shades of morally grey.

This show is going to be a joy to rewatch once all the pieces are in place. The writing team does not seem to be making the mistake of answering questions using the Lost system of throwing more bizarre questions at the wall and hoping some stick.

The Bad

While I like where they’re going with both characters, and we are getting interesting pay off for everything set up so far, I would prefer Dolores’ scenes to feature a bit more show and Maeve’s scenes a bit more tell. I would just personally prefer to know more about how the androids view their supposed gods than how they view themselves (probably because I’m full of myself).

It’s not HBO unless there are several cringe-worthy minutes full of writhing naked people that offer little to the plot. I will give them this though: there was far more male nudity in a couple of scenes this episode, than Game of Thrones has had in the past six seasons.

The Exposition

Why is the Man in Black so desperate to get his answers? Is he dying? Does he own the park and therefore wants to get everything it has to offer before he sells it? If this is the case is he hoping to find something that will save the park? (Does he know that little boy?)

Logan’s backstory isn’t exactly surprising, but his relationship with William and the way William reacts to his bullying suggests that particular piece of unfinished business is going to come to an explosive close. (Is William going to become head of the potentially beheaded -just throwing it out there- Logan’s company?)

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