Westworld Season 1, Episode 6: Felix Culpa

This was the first episode so far that showed so little of what we have come to assume as the main party (Dolores and William, now sans Logan), and their absence was noted, but not mourned. There was a great flow to the episode and the backstage drama is coming front and center in a way that is pleasing to this doubter.

Westworld Season 1, Episode 6 tl;dw

The Good

I wanted more Maeve and I got her, in all her frightening glory. It’s rare for a character to use threats, manipulation, and blackmail, and still be considered the hero and Maeve does so with a small smile and a quirk of her perfectly sculpted eyebrow. She makes the most out of her impossibly horrifying circumstances and then some.

Teddy got a gun and shot almost as many people as times he’s died. Dead Ted jokes aside, the Man in Black and I had similar reactions to his outburst (though perhaps I found the entire thing slightly more “aesthetically appealing” than he did), and would definitely welcome more of them.

Ever since the second episode Elsie Hughes has been a huge favorite of mine and even though I don’t think it likely, I will be unbelievably disappointed if this is the end of the line for her. I think her tenacity and smarts are going to be missed, just when she was making a breakthrough. Hopefully she’ll be convinced into changing sides since she’s already impressed with the saboteur’s coding.

Lowe is running out of people he can trust. At this point even Elsie is probably out of the equation. I hope this will finally spur his character into action, because so far he’s all about observing rather than experiencing.

Loved the effect work on Rob Jr. I imagine it was an homage to the original, but whatever the case, the Man in Black’s complaint that some elegance was lost with the change to organic, is certainly understandable. Even so, I can’t dismiss the beauty and artistry of the scene where a new host’s body is first pumped with blood. It was very poetic in a  rather unsubtle way.

Can’t wait to see what Tessa Thompson brings to the table.

The Bad

Where’s my weekly dose of Lawrence?

If you want certain limits to intelligence to be in place, why design that interface? In a situation where you have Spinal Tap’s problem in reverse (too many drummers! -no.), reassign the value of each point of intelligence so that what was previously 14 is the new maximum. And who on earth built a system that very easily allows access to abilities that have been deemed too dangerous? (It was Arnold wasn’t it…)

Really though there is so little I dislike about the episode. The graphics were a bit wonky in the scene where Maeve is in front of the screens, and Sizemore seems to think he’s in a low-budget version of Mad Men, but that’s about it.

The Questions

Rob Jr only listens to two people: Ford and the ghost in the machine. When he met the Man in Black was that Arnold helping him along, or Ford “helping him”?

Did Ford actually write anything of worth, or was it all actually Arnold?

Is Cullen his daughter? Is it actually Theresa using the relay or someone using her password?

Is the greyhound the fifth anomaly or do we have another lurker? Is it whoever grabbed Hughes?

Who is the person responsible for writing the Natives’ religion and will we ever find out or is their self-satisfaction cloaking them from view?

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