Westworld Season 1, Episode 7: One of these Things is not Like the Others

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Westworld Season 1, Episode 7 tl;dw

The Good

The set up for the great Bernard reveal was excellent. From the first scene where we see him wake up like so many androids before him, to his extreme loyalty to Ford even when fired from a job he’s held for thirty years due to Ford’s error, to his not seeing the door, to Cullen’s actual murder, his actions were setting alarm bells all over the place. It’s also encouraging that a twist likes this would have been set up for the finale, meaning we are in for bigger and better things.

Ford is definitely, 100% guaranteed, evil. Murder is not conflict resolution even if you think the conflict resolved. Seeing him face of against Hale is going to be interesting, since judging by her complete indifference during the scene where Clementine takes a beating, she’s not one to let small matters such as  basic human compassion get in her way.

Even though I want to make fun of William for falling in love within what he thinks is a scripted story, my heart’s just not in it. Given that I have cried over LI’s in videogames (thanks Zevran!) and have often complained about the lack of people that live up to idealized fictional characters, I am just as pathetic.

Maeve is on her way conquer the world and I for one welcome our new overlord.

The Bad

I hope we get to see more of Cullen, but I’m afraid that’s it for her. Bernard took off his glasses and I’m certain this means he was obeying Ford to the letter (though I don’t have time to review footage and I may be proven wrong for exactly this reason). There is a good chance the android they’re building is Theresa 2.0, since Bernard did want to get her micro-expressions down, and how else are they going to explain her disappearance? Unfortunately, it still won’t be the original.

(Though Theresa 2.0 and Bernard riding into the sunset together is certainly a promising image.)

This trend of powerful women getting the upper hand by appearing nude is very uncomfortable to watch, because had it been a man people would definitely have problems with it. It’s pretty much sexual harassment any way you spin it.

As someone who despises unnecessarily gritty characters and storylines for the sake of a false sense of gravitas, I did not expect to miss the absence of the Man in Black when I first saw him. And yet here I am seven episodes later, hungry for more.

A small aside

I find the dual timeline theory to be unlikely -if not already disproven- however, I’m still rooting for it for the tragedy of it all. If the Man in Black is indeed William, what exactly transpired between him and Dolores and what exactly is the significance of his emotional response to Teddy’s insistence on getting to her.

Where is my baby Elsie? And won’t somebody get Clementine some help?

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