Westworld Season 1, Episode 8: Motive(ation)

Let it be known that when uploading images to imgur you are asked whether or not you are a robot, and this question has never caused as much amusement and occasional existential stress as it has whenever I upload images for Westworld recaps.

Westworld Season 1, Episode 8 tl;dw

The Good

Maeve has officially become my favorite character and I want to enjoy seeing her bring down hell on Ford and DELOS with all the power of my twisted little heart.  If Hector helps in some way, well, that’s just a beautiful cherry on top. Even while set on a solid foundation, her character progression is very dynamic and it’s fascinating to see someone build their own personality in such a literal way. Thandie Newton’s acting has been spectacular and I really hope she makes it to the second season.

Oh Bernard, poor Bernard! I fully admit to not feeling the Bern until this episode but oh how that opening scene horrified me. Even more than Theresa’s murder(as it pertains to Bernard’s character and his role in it), seeing his grief stolen from him, his memories of her, a piece of her gone forever, is just… inhumane.

Ford has a lot to answer for, but I don’t believe he’s one for freedom of information. Apart from his childhood we know very little about him. (Tin foil hats on: Bernard is Ford 2.0: an android designed to pass as human and design robots all day. His programming’s gone haywire cause his primary code involves protecting park data).

I thought Stubbs had no personality save for slight paranoia and contempt for coders, but apparently he’s a sweetheart.

Part of the Man in Black’s backstory is revealed and oh how it pays off. You almost feel sad for him. In a show that started off with multiple characters saying that Westworld is just a game and the horrible things that are done to hosts don’t matter, it’s gratifying to see the message coming across that it was lack of compassion that led him to act monstrously.

As far as the different timelines theory goes my head is telling me no, but my heart is telling me yes, yes, yes! It might be confirmation bias, however, I do believe the writers are pushing for it, or at least for us to buy into it. Dolores is having trouble realizing exactly what timeline she’s living in, and William straight up wants to murder a dude, cause he wants to get on with his adventure -after telling Dolores last episode that his entire life and persona have been an act. (See? It would be so narratively satisfying!)

The Bad

It’s safe to assume that Theresa is officially off the show and that Elsie has also followed suit. I finally care about Bernard a tremendous deal, but did it have to come at the expense of these great characters? Fingers crossed that Elsie has somehow made it, though I’m doubtful. I was really hoping for android Theresa, you guys…

Hale has been shown to be a smart if somewhat aggressive cookie. So why on earth would she trust Sizemore -lord of all failures- to do something as important as programming a host essential to her plans? (Unless she wants him to fail? In any case, hooray for the return of the original Papa Abernathy!)

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