Westworld Season 1, Episode 9: Dearly Departed

The penultimate episode packed more than a few punches even though certain developments have been obvious from the start.

Westworld Season 1, Episode 9 tl;dw

The Good

I love that Bernard is Arnold and the way it was revealed. Enormous kudos to Jeffrey Wright for managing to play Arnold ever so slightly differently from Bernard. I can’t wait to re-watch his scenes with Dolores and the Alice in Wonderland book now that I know he’s Arnold and not Bernard.

I never doubted that Dolores killed Arnold. Now whether he asked her to, she wanted to, or Ford committed yet another murder through android is still to be seen. What is promising, however, is how Dolores interacts with ghost Arnold, because there is a tenderness to their interactions that could be interpreted several ways.

The multiple timeline theorists have been vindicated, if not completely, then to a level where I’ll be kind of angry if this doesn’t turn out to be the case. I’ve mentioned before how compelling I find the theory (? at this point almost confirmed) that the Man in Black is William. The re-watch value alone is priceless, and I’m enjoying the way the timelines were handled in editing, since what could have easily been a mess pushes the story forward in an extremely dynamic way.

Oh Stubbsy! It was pretty obvious that the one guy who was prepared for the robot apocalypse, would be one of the first to fall. What I wonder, is if he is also a robot, and if there are any chances however slim, that he will find Elsie alive (I’m a desperate woman).

Are the androids who follow Wyatt, self-aware? If Blondie is anything to go by, Ford’s new narrative is either a death trap for awakened hosts, or a gloriously accidental revolution ready to happen (and nothing in the park is accidental).

Maeve. Maeve and Hector. Their vulnerability and abandon make for enthralling TV and I’m not just talking about the fiery visual. Capable as he is, he isn’t the army, and his outfit apart from Armistice is hardly intimidating, so I’m left wondering what else Maeve has up her sleeve.

Logan had an actual human moment, and it freaked me out. Bravo to Ben Barnes and the writers for giving Logan a bit of nuance just before he hopefully dies.

Ford is becoming one of my favorite villains ever. They don’t make them much more egomaniacally pathetic than the guy who made a copy of his best (only?) friend, that he has arguments and kills people with.

The Bad

Day 1,236 of missing Elsie Hughes. Also Theresa. And Felix, even though he’s not dead and it has only been one episode without him.

Did Arnold not believe in facebook? Did he have no relatives? What about his wife? Did the company not have a website? How was Bernard running around wearing his Arnold skin suit with no raised eyebrows in sight?

Moment of uncomfortable realization that I was more interested in Dolores having metal innards and what that meant for the story, than horrified by Logan’s gutting antics. Which probably actually says good things about the show and less good things about me.

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