Westworld Season 1 Finale: Fireworks

One hour and thirty minutes of airtime, approximately 130,000 caps, imgur messing with me, and several snacks later, I come to you with a review and recap of the most explosive episode yet. It answers a lot of questions, creates a few, and gives us a glimpse into the shiny box that contains Season 2.

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Westworld Season 1 Finale tl;dw

The Good

A few days ago I’d reblogged a gifset of Armistice to my tumblr blog, commenting in the tags on how underused I thought she had been. While we still didn’t get enough of her for my liking, what we did get was more than I could have dreamed. Talk about a last hurrah!

I didn’t know how to feel about Maeve stabbing Hector in the back and completely betraying his trust, before I saw the look of absolute adoration on his face. Their relationship keeps giving me life, killing me and resurrecting me all over again.

Dolores’ speech about the new Gods reigning over the world was stunning. We still don’t know exactly what shape the real world is actually in, but it makes savory food for thought.

Some may question Arnold’s thought process concerning helping the androids through his death, since it doesn’t exactly make the most sense, but please take into consideration his depression and utter lack of hope for humanity. It’s tragic how the person who was supposedly a champion for the hosts’ free will and autonomy, couldn’t see past his own grief and suffering to find a solution that didn’t involve permanently traumatizing Teddy and fracturing Dolores, by forcing them to obey his will, which in turned ensured Ford didn’t believe his claims they were aware.

I might sit and write an analysis on Robert and Arnold, their relationship, and their respective roles in the creation myth, but I’m currently too overwhelmed. Needless to say, I’m all for my girl Dolores killing both her creators, but I’m fascinated by the Gods nonetheless..

Dolores dying in Teddy’s arms was sad, though what really got me was the spotlight at the end: the cruel realization that their pain was for the entertainment of others, and that this has been their life forever. Props to the production crew for setting up the scene in a way that felt more and more off, more staged, until the final reveal.

The Bad


I sort of hate Game of Thrones for making me question Maeve’s decision to go back for her daughter. Had it not been for those writers’ constant choice to make female characters mothers above every other characterization I might have wholeheartedly cheered for her humanity. As it stands I just hope that decision was truly her own, and that she manages to get her kid next season. Glancing at the script Bernard discovered, running after her daughter was probably her own detour.

Logan’s end just didn’t seem… Enough? And I could have done without the shots from previously in the season that we saw in William’s flashback, because most viewers had obsessively re-watched them all anyway… But I’m just nit-picking at this point.

What I want from Season 2:

Charlotte and William teaming up or survival, while they unsuccessfully try to contact headquarters. I figure they’ll play well off each other and it will give Tessa Thompson something more to do.

Felix and Armistice. Hop aboard this ship (canoe?) with me people, and let’s see where it takes us.

Maeve better connect with her daughter before continuing on with her plans for world domination.

What is up with the self-aware Wyatt followers? (Can Dolores start her own cult please?)


I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a blast recapping this show. Here’s to an even better season 2! Meanwhile I’ll see you all around that Game of Thrones time of the year. (Or earlier?)

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