Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 1: Guess Who’s Back

I hope everyone’s having a great summer cause winter is here! Was that cheesy? Cause I love cheese and I loved this episode. We haven’t seen the Sand Snakes yet, but so far I’m naively optimistic about season 7.

GoT s7ep1

The Good

-The opening was quite spectacular and promises great things for the rest of the season. It’s important that we saw Arya getting revenge on the Freys, while in the same episode sparing the innocent wife and the Lannister soldiers. The exchange between her and the soldiers has been something I’ve been waiting to see on the show for ages and gives Arya a lot more depth than having her be the soulless revenge vessel believe her to be.

-The differences of opinion between Sansa and Jon were healthily discussed between them and both sides were shown to have merit. I hope their relationship continues to evolve this way, with them occasionally butting heads, all the while safe in the knowledge that they’re not trying to undermine one an another for the sake of drama. I might side with Sansa’s take on reality, but I would like to think I’d eventually make the decision Jon did.

-Sandor Clegane. This is a lot closer to the Sandor Clegane I know and love. Gruff, but ultimately an enormous softie, turned bitter by the fact that there is no sense of fairness in his world and now apparently his trauma is fate’s punchline. Him digging a grave was a nice touch. More soft grumpy Sandor please.

-Sam might be going through intern hell, but I adore the little bit of domestic bliss he gets to have.

-No cringe-worthy nudity this episode! It’s like the show has lost its identity.

-Jaime is back in form and I loved his entire approach to the Ironborn and Euron. Indignant sarcastic disbelief with a touch of jealousy is Jaime’s sweet spot.

-Dragonstone is GORGEOUS.

The Bad

-I really don’t have a problem with Sheeran, but this isn’t an episode of Friends and what’s next? Him and Taylor Swift singing A Bear and a Maiden Fair? The Rock guest-starring as a long-lost Clegane cousin? Ok, that’d actually be awesome.

-Baby Mormont is my favorite little bear cub in the world, but as a book reader [pause for groans] I found myself rolling my eyes at the idea of a Mormont saying that women should fight would be a surprising statement to literally anyone. Thumbs up for Jon’s continued fight for civil rights though. He’s a good kid.

-Minor technical problems: the editing was way too on the nose in places and the lighting terrible in certain scenes -though I do think Arya’s scenes were filmed beautifully. (Also. Has no one in production design ever seen a full bedpan? Cause it’s nothing like that. And I refuse to believe they wouldn’t have adequate plumbing in the Citadel.)

The Overly Dramatic Plot Hole

-Cersei annihilating anyone who has ever opposed her makes sense only if you’ve binge-watched the show and the last thing you remember is the sept exploding. Sansa suddenly idolizing her is… interesting?

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