Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 4: Brothers and Sisters in Arms

If I was to bend the knee and propose to any single episode of Game of Thrones, it would be this one. It had everything, women bonding, dragons setting things on fire, a Jon Snow growing increasingly frustrated over everyone’s inability to see that he’s right, and Jaime Lannister being a beautiful golden fool.

Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 4

The Good

-My love for dragon’s is well documented and this episode gave me everything I could have ever hoped for and more. It was such a rush and I can’t believe we’re living during a time when we can watch something like that on television. Props for showing the mayhem of war while not letting us get lost in it. The crowds of Lannister soldiers were a bit thin, but I mostly realized this while screencapping.

-Other than jumping into the bear pit to defend Brienne, Jaime Lannister charging a dragon’s rider at full speed is the epitome of why I love this idiot of a character. I wish we saw more of him on the show.

-Arya returning to Winterfell is something I have longed for and though it was slightly underwhelming and awkward, it still made me happy. The conversation with the soldiers was choppily inserted into the narrative and her reunion with Sansa was nothing as emotionally charged as Sansa’s reunion with Jon, but I guess that’s to be expected given the difference in context. Arya’s sparring with Brienne, however, is a whole other story, and I loved seeing the two women bond over their mutual love of sharp things. You know you’ve gained Brienne’s respect when she kick’s you square in the chest.

-I’m still not convinced about Jon and Daenerys as an endgame couple, but goshdarn it the music is trying its hardest to make me change my mind.

-Tyrion’s loyalty is going to be tested when someone fishes out Jaime and I can’t wait for the parallel to his rescue by his brother. (Though I must say the drama of their broken relationship in the books might have broken me).

The Bad

-Pretend I’m using the clap emoji between every single word in the following sentence. Why is Petyr Baelish still around!?! He has no real purpose as a character and he just lurks about like a ghost everyone wants to punch. A villain can be subtle, or they can be Cersei. Littlefinger’s just a sad little excuse of a man whose smirk makes me lose the will to live. Why can’t we go back to season 1?

-Their scenes together have been great, yet it really stands out that Kit Harington has come a long way as an actor whereas Emilia Clarke has not. She’s lovely, but Daenerys’s story is important and the character deserves a better representative.

-For the love of everything that is good and pure in this world can I please get some decent lighting? Arya and Sansa’s reunion sounded great. Wish I could have seen it. Last episode’s scene in the dungeon proves there are people who work for the show that know how to light, so maybe use more like them.

-Won’t someone think of the grain??

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