Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 5: Can’t Touch This

Does Daenerys come off looking like a little girl stomping her foot and killing people when things don’t go her way? Yes. Is she different than literally anyone else that’s tried to hold a position of power in Westeros? No. Welcome to an episode that should have been about how the monarchy is bad, but was instead about Daenerys the Mother of all Tyrants. (That’s what Cersei’s for you guys!)

Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 5

The Good

-Davos was amazing this episode. He’s always good even though so far we’ve only really seen his dad powers. Turns out dad is also an extremely capable rogue of a man. Talk about Dream Daddy…

-The Magnificent Seven Ride Again!! Zombie show and tell is the most moronic plan this show has come up with and this is gong to end terribly. I cannot wait to see all the interactions between these idiots. Finally Game of Thrones is turning into a fanfic I like.

-My boy Gendry is back! Four season and countless of jokes later he walks among us, standing tall and carrying a big hammer. I was actually surprisingly emotional about his parallels with Robert down to his mustard-colored garb.

-Littlefinger is finally shown to be doing something. What he’s doing is giving me terrible anxiety but at least he’s fulfilling an additional role to most punchable character on-screen at any given time.

-I have mixed feelings about the Citadel that so far has been sort of a waste of time. Stannis had told Jon about the obsidian and Jorah didn’t even have to be there. What kinda saves it is the maesters sitting around a table being useless nerds because it reminded me of the Unseen University and that’s always a plus.

The Bad

-Painting Dany as her father reborn or a tyrant, might be a fair assumption if this was the only time we’ve seen someone from Westeros kill someone for not doing what they believe to be the right and lawful thing. However, all the Stark men have killed people, Cersei actually deserves the title, and the only thing Dany has going against her within the context of the show, is shady writing and the way she chooses to kill people.

I don’t know why we’ve decided that hacking someone’s head off is better than setting them on fire, but I also kinda lean that way. Doesn’t mean the result isn’t exactly the same.

The Tarlys who have so far been shown to be pretty opportunistic and just an episode ago killed hundreds of men they used to be sworn to fight alongside, now decide to take a moral stand. We also know and care next to nothing about them and it’s a waste of Tom Hopper. Iffy writing. Though I will give the writers this: white people can be particularly stupid when it comes to people they perceive as foreign. (For book readers: A father and son being burned alive does not bode well for a certain “father” and “son”)

Daenerys gave them an out. It wasn’t exactly her first thought, yet she listened to Tyrion and what was contextually mercy, was thrown back in her face. What’s a monarch to do when she’s already made the colossal mistake of setting the punishment.

-Arya’s cold approach to everything is weird, off-putting and a step in the wrong direction after the first few episodes. I don’t necessarily mind character regression, though I think we can all agree that Arya has been through enough and deserves a break and people she can trust in.

-Everybody’s zipping across Westeros like it’s to scale. Dany has living airplanes so she gets a pass, but I’d love to know how Gendry and Davos got from King’s Landing to the Wall within .5 seconds.

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