Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 6: Ring of Not-Fire

Did this episode leave anyone else feeling kinda blue?


Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 6

The Good

-It was almost surreal how all the characters on the roadtrip to death got some almost genuine character moments out of their conversations when we’ve had main characters (*cough* Lannisters *cough*) rehash a single conversation every other episode. It might not have made much sense in context (Jon being buddies with Jorah, a sworn enemy of his father… Gendry palling it up with the Brotherhood without Banners…), but it does prove that the writers are capable of writing conciliatory conversations when they so feel like it.

-It’s a shame that other things happening this episode harshed my ice-zombie buzz, but needless to say: this lady is pumped.

-Brienne will meet up with Jaime again. (Is Sansa hoping Arya will follow Brienne out of Winterfell? Or is this actually just her doing the complete opposite of what Baelish wants her to do by ridding the temptation of having Brienne confront her sister? I guess we’ll find out next week.)

The Bad

-Arya and Sansa’s conversations have gone from difficult to implausibly hostile. The sisters were never close, true, in fact Sansa bullied Arya as a child and they were very different personalities to begin with. It’s normal for some of their anger to be directed towards each other. We could have had a painful, yet ultimately cathartic conversation between the two of them, but instead got the beginning of such a conversation, swiftly followed by arguments on tumblr I’ve spent years growing tired of. The final scene between them was the nail in the coffin of both their relationship and Arya’s characterization.

-The season started out so promising for Arya. She was having heart-warming conversation with Lannister soldiers, talking to HotPie and bonding with Brienne. What kind of hack would push her down this creepy lane in order to create needless drama. The main conflict this season should be Jon convincing everyone that the ice zombie threat is real and the reasons other characters refuse to accept this, not about petty squabbling over the right to rule Winterfell. The threat of winter is imminent and everything else seems childish. Something that isn’t necessarily out of character for Cersei, but is definitely weird for Arya. If she’s such a woman of action why hasn’t she tried to find and help Jon?

-Travel continues to be an Issue. Jon’s so used to doing things himself that delegating responsibilities must be daunting, but sending a kid from King’s Landing -who’s seeing snow for the first time-¬†through the Northern winter is a poor choice even for him. Luckily Gendry had plot protection.

-Was the Night King using the plucky underdogs as dragon bait? Is that why no one used any long-ranged weapons against them? Though if the goal was to lure Dany there, they were mighty lucky she arrived before everyone was eaten by their undead horde.

-I’m proud of Bran for mastering the mystical art of disappearing when he’s most needed.


-How hard was it to come up with a liquid courage joke. I thought of it in less than a couple of minutes and they had months.

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