Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale: Goodbye Blue Sky

This season has been a very mixed bag of spectacular visuals and vast plot holes, but here we stand, groaning about the fact we’ll have to wait two years for the next season.

-Littlefinger’s dead and we can all breath a collective sigh of relief that this subpar storyline of needless conflict is over too. He died begging for his life, his lies crashing around him, throat slit by the very knife he used to start the war. One of Catelyn’s daughter’s passed the sentence, the other swung the sword. Very fitting.
-The acting this season, barring only a couple of instances, has been extraordinary. The performances really perked up what should have been very flat dialogue. Kit Harington in particular has grown leaps and bounds as a performer. He brought an earnest kindness to Jon that was sorely needed.
-Sandor Clegane and Brienne of Tarth walking peacably and smiling with pride about Arya is something I never knew I wanted.
-Cersei’s plan is so very show!Cersei and I kinda love it. It would be logical to even a moderately selfish person to wait out the war and let the people with fire-breathing dragons do the hard work. It’s deliciously ironic that the missing dragon is the one thing she should be worried about, not put at ease by.
The Bad
-The plot twist in Winterhell is that the writers aren’t as terrible as I’d initially thought them to be. Things were still bad. Stringing people along is one thing, but basing an entire relationship and storyline on a lie -a lie most people believed because it was so out of character it must be bad writing- felt cheap and should have been resolved far sooner. Cersei for example made some ooc decisions that seemed weird at the time, yet we didn’t have to ponder on the fact that she didn’t kill Tyrion for an entire week, because it was revealed that very same episode that she was playing him. We could have had the sisters being awkward but loving around each other for an added two episodes and I’m miffed we were denied that for draaama. (Baelish’s face almost makes up for it. Almost.)
-I was never particularly into Jon and Daenerys being endgame and the show really solidified my position when it decided to inter-cut their love scene with footage proving exactly how closely related they are, with the added bonus of an incest-confirming voice-over. Kit Harington has a cute behind though.
-What most bothered me about the above mentioned sequence however, was the “profound revelation” that Jon was in fact Grand Poobah of all this and that. Fandom discussions about everyone’s right to the throne bore me since they usually devolve into arguments about who has a better claim vs. who is a better ruler, with people supporting a monarchy either way.¬†The Iron Throne is a shiny bauble that I ¬†firmly believe will be destroyed by the end of the series. Personal preconceptions aside, the entire episode was about how the race to the Iron Throne doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things, only to have the script loudly proclaim that our boy Jon is the One True King at the very end.