Star Trek Discovery: Season 1, Episodes 1-2 Recap

You ready nerds?

Star Trek Discovery: Season 1, Episodes 1-2

Let’s get a few things straight: I’m a ToS die-hard, but do not care in the slightest about continuity and the integrity of the universe, provided that the changes work for this new story. Also I very narrowly titled this recap with a Star Wars quote, so I’m one of those people. (A coward and a troll, or just a troll really)

I’m still not sure how I felt about the first two episodes revolving around conflict rather than conflict resolution and adventures in exploration. I’m beginning to be mostly alright with it due to the following reasons:

– It was nowhere near as weird as most Star Trek episodes can get which isn’t necessarily a bad thing if we eventually reach that weirdness. New members of the audience won’t immediately go running for the hills like my dad did ten minutes after I tried to introduce him to TNG. Thinks of it like this: if you’re trying to get a friend to try more spicy things, you won’t start by feeding him a ghost pepper.

-The final reveal that it was fear and not logic that led Michael to mutiny, is what really sold the arc to me. Writers have been using logic/mental instability/ruthlessness as a motivation for far to long, and her admission that it was fear that guided her reveals a side of humanity we ought to pay more attention to. Burnham is a woman that makes terrible choices, but ones very few of us can say we wouldn’t consider. We start out with her tragic backstory and this is something that intrigues me as a storyteller. I’m also excited to see her and Voq square off, since the events of these episodes form two clear parallels between the two characters. Her fall from grace and his ascension began the moment the torchbearer was killed, and we leave them with their mentors dead; one picking up the mantle and the other wracked with guilt.

-The dialogues may have been clunky as all hell, but the acting more than made up for it. The relationship and trust between Michael and her captain was established with just a few looks and nods, and the devastation caused by that trust being broken was immediately felt.

-The production values are amazing!! I’d have liked a brighter ship, but my god, those Klingons looked amazing.

-I’m deciding to trust the writers. Episode three is probably the real start of the series, much like “33” is for Battlestar Galactica (at least in my opinion).

-I’m just really excited about being able to watch a Star Trek show live ok?

To anyone wanting to pop-by on any of the social media platforms I use and suggest I watch the other show, I regret to inform you that wanting to punch Seth McFrakface any time he’s on screen, will greatly detract from my enjoyment of all the fun fun fun.

Side note: If you like Star Trek and want episodic rpg adventures acted out by a bunch of very talented people and a great creative team, I can’t recommend Shields of Tomorrow enough. Please check it out.

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