Star Trek Discovery Season 1, Episode 6: Sarek’s Choice

The series just gets better and better each episode and I particularly enjoyed the character development in this one.

Star Trek Discovery – Season 1, Episode 6 recap

There are many of us who have had problems not living up to their parents expectations, I can only imagine how hard that might be for people who know they were adopted, and in Michaels’ case a different species to boot. This entire time she’s been struggling with her emotional side, so it’s very gratifying to see her let herself go after she realized she was never going to get what she needed from Sarek. Michael got so much closure this episodes I’m practically glowing for her, though Sonequa Martin-Green more than adequately  captured the feeling with that brilliant smile she offered Tyler at their second handshake. (Sidenote: those two are going to be adorable and tragic).

When we first met Tilly she seemed like an awkward lil’ nerd who would adorably fumble her way through every social interaction. Over the course of a few episodes she has blossomed into a determined young lady who takes chances and invites herself to eat with others, all the while offering Michael much needed emotional support, and in return getting a true friend and the best career tutor any one of us could have hoped for.

Ash Tyler is growing on me, but I’m still suspicious. The part of me that isn’t suspicious is terrified for him. He will inevitably stab me in the heart and very one in the back, or get chewed and spit out by Lorca’s ambitions. I loved how he talked to Michael about what you think of when you are close to death. It helped her realize her father’s shortcomings, while also perhaps letting himself lighten the weight of his burdens by bringing painful memories to light. This give and take is the bread and butter of a rewarding relationship and I’m excited to see it develop.

One of the most frequent complaints I see involves the show’s failure to present the Klingon’s in any sort of compelling way. The first two episodes were promising, however, not only have they not yet delivered, but in certain ways have completely ignored what draws us to the Klingons, which seems like a colossal waste of such a beloved sci-fi race. They are cardboard cut-outs of villains and I believe the fault lies with the fabulous villain the series already has: Gabriel Lorca. Since the enemy so far is humanity’s worst instincts as represented by a human, the Klingons have been relegated to plot-furthering goons. The last scene of the episode makes the admiral’s capture a lot less about the Klingons’ strategy than it is about Lorca’s determination to keep the Discovery no matter the cost, moral or personal. It’s nice to see his weak spot.

They have done a magnificent job of setting up Lorca as someone engaging, if not likeable. He is shaping himself up to be the very definition of a tyrant, doing away with dissenting voices and promoting people he believes will be loyal to him. He provides Michael with the chance to redeem herself while also acting as yet another parental figure in her life. He makes Tyler feel better about himself, hands him control and responsibility. He offers head of security after a battle simulation (he may have let Tyler win) the way the big boss picks an intern to groom at a golf resort.

Live Long and Prosper. <3

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