Star Trek Discovery Season 1, Episode 9: Through the Looking Glass

The last part of this analysis will be focused on supporting a certain fan theory, so if you want to avoid potential spoilers, look away.

Star Trek Discovery – Season 1, Episode 9 recap

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While not the strongest of the episodes so far, it managed to bring all plot points into close proximity to one another and then hurtle them to some unknown part of space.

I almost liked Lorca for the .2 seconds when he decided to impishly disobey a direct order from the brass, while technically obeying. However, that didn’t last long, since he is evil. More on that later.

Michael ruled this episode. She repeated the sequence of events that led to her making the greatest mistake of her life, stood up to her captain, infiltrated the ghost ship, but this time she found redemption, rescuing a federation admiral, and ensuring the federation has the upper hand for the time being. T’Kuvma’s murder proved to be a feather in her cap when dealing with a warrior culture, and the simplicity of her declaration was breathtakingly powerful. I also enjoyed the quieter moment where she exchanged a look with Saru, one who shared her loss and is proud of her triumph.

Tyler continues to be an enigma, though there’s no denying how heart-wrenching his flashbacks were. I was in physical pain watching him suffer, so kudos to Shazad Latif for hurting me. I am always weary of romantic relationships taking the place of therapy (which is not to say having love and support in your life doesn’t help), yet in this case they’re just playing up the star-crossed inevitable tragedy of it all. Could have seriously done without the Klingon breasticles.

Stamets was a grumpy scientist that deserved none of this and just wants to explore space and keep everyone safe, which makes Lorca so evil for taking advantage of him. So evil in fact that Lorca is….



Think about it. He’s weirdly different from any single federation officer since the beginning of time. You think the episode of Saru pulling up names of decorated captains and their attributes was about Saru? Think again.

He killed the entirety of his original crew. Now no one is around to notice significant shifts in behavior. So sad. :)

But wait. Someone did! Would be a shame if anything happened to her!

I naively thought he was tracking all those star patterns after every jump because deep down he’s as much a nerd as the rest of them. WRONG!

His last exchange with Stamets is the cherry on this evil sundae. One could argue that he wasn’t manipulating him, and that the conversation about awarding him the medal was in fact one we were not privy to. He doesn’t after all have anything to gain by making him jump. UNLESS he wanted to input his own coordinates and return home.

What sucks for him is that I’m pretty sure the jump wasn’t completed successfully so I don’t think they’re in the mirror universe.

Don’t forget children. The sequel to Alice in Wonderland is called Through the Looking Glass. And they hired an actor who has played both Captain Hook and Mr. Darling with few people catching on the first time they saw it (back when the internet wasn’t so much of a thing). Cheers to you Mr. Isaacs! Can’t wait to see what Captain Lorca is actually like.

(His relationship with Michael is interesting given that he genuinely seems to care about her. Maybe she fell out of the mirror universe as a child, maybe he and her counterpart have a special bond in the mirror universe. Only time and the second half of the season will tell.)

I’m very excited about these possibilities even if I wasn’t that excited about the episode. Hope they pull off the twist well.

Live Long and Prosper. <3

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