Star Trek Discovery Season 1, Episode 10: Parallel Parking

This episode I somehow both lived and was livid. A thousand apologies for how late this is, but work came in hard after the holidays.

Star Trek Discovery – Season 1, Episode 10 recap

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-I adore the concept and execution of the mirror universe. I truly do. However, Star Trek is supposed to be the optimistic antidote to gritty shows tainted by an over-reliance in grey morality without introspection and so far the Mirror Universe and Lorca (who spoilers spoilers) seem like a way to cheat the system and have a gritty show while still claiming it is Star Trek. I sincerely wish to be proven wrong on this and trust that I probably will.

-Everything about Tilly’s storyline was amazing. I loved her stammer, her admission that she was envious of her evil counterpart’s confidence, her mirror universe outfit, how quickly she embraced the kinky side of evil. The nickname Killy is just a bad pun of a cherry on top.

-While Tilly was confronted with a version of herself that is far removed from reality, Michael had the unfortunate fortune to peek into a future that is a distorted image of what could have been. She is captain, she is very much respected and it must be draining to know that her decision to mutiny would have led to promotion in this universe.

-Michael was magnificent in both fights we have seen so far. I loved that the stunt choreography accounted for the fact that they were in space and leaned into the lack of gravity, something not often employed by movies or tv shows despite the fact they’re set in space. Seeing her soaring mid-air is just incredible.

-Spoilers for just this section: Having been convinced that Lorca’s from the Mirror Universe, I was very curious about his relationship to Michael and why he wanted to protect her. Knowing that he wants to use her to get the emperor out of the way is pretty delicious.

-There were certain things that made no sense concerning Tyler’s role as Michael’s protector and bodyguard. Why go to Culber worried he wasn’t safe to be around only to go ahead anyway when that was confirmed? Why sit around in Burnham’s room after she was almost assassinated in that elevator?

-Other things that made no sense? Why none of those nerds looked at the logs despite Lorca’s dismissal.

-Moving away from the show as a single entity, since it was very much not created in a void, we have to talk about the fact that they killed a gay character, and a man of color at that. It is tiring for people who get very little positive representation to see characters like Culber killed off (in a very anticlimactic way played for shocks I might add), even when it’s on a show like Star Trek, where his relationship with Stamets was highly publicized and embraced. Adding to that, it’s disappointing that the person who killed him was suffering from PTSD (cloaked in sci-fi jargon but still played as such) and played by an actor of Pakistani descent. I wish we lived in a world where creators could write a story without being held back by some very necessary sensitivity on these matters, but this isn’t the case.

Live Long and Prosper. <3

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