Star Trek Discovery Season 1, Episode 13: Into the Sunset

This seemed like a season finale, tying up loose ends, leaving other things unanswered, but ultimately closing a chapter while making you want to continue reading… next season. I’m worried about what this means for the pacing of the remaining two episodes.

Star Trek Discovery – Season 1, Episode 13 recap

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-Lorca actually having a heart was a bigger plot twist than his heel turn. It might have been a wretched twisted thing, but he seemed in genuine awe of Burnham in his own delirious-about-destiny way. Honestly? Same.

-I loved how everyone turned on him with nary a hint of hesitation. The crowning glory of people’s newfound disdain for their former captain was Saru’s refusal to be even a little bit touched by the fact that Lorca decide he was one of the good ones. Good on him.

-Speaking of Saru, I’m glad his character has reached a point where he can make that magnificent speech and come off as a confident leader who trusts and hopes in his crew. It reminded me of old Trek and I hope we see more of this side of him and the show. Can we please get more of the crew on wacky adventures now?

-I’m fond of the implication that Saru’s ganglia are all but useless cause he’s stopped being afraid. (Otherwise quite a few things would not make sense.)

-The science continues to try and explain itself in a way that only comes across as more potent gibberish. And since Tilly discovered the waves, why was Stamets the one that kept talking about them to her. I understand that he later added on to her discovery, but if any one of you is curious as to what mansplaining is, it’s a character explaining something to a character that canonically already knows all about it and in this case actually brought it to his attention. It didn’t help that he seemed to be telling her instead of muttering out loud to parse it for himself. Create better exposition machines, good god.

-I’d honestly hoped that they’d end up warping to a time so far in the future that the war was over in a semi-peaceful way and we didn’t have to spend any more time in the trenches. Either that or somewhere uncharted with no tether home so they’d have to explore the unknown. You know like a Trek show. (My Enterprise is showing. Forgive me.)

-At the very least they could have made the title of the episode a spoiler and arranged to have them blast into the past, giving them the opportunity to change everything.

-Having a Terran on their side during a fight to survive will be interesting… Don’t get me wrong, I’m firmly on team Michelle Yeoh is awesome, but is anyone going to address the fact that Michael brought home a murderous, paranoid tyrant? She can’t be as bad as Lorca, yet…

-Can Rekha Sharma not catch a break?

Live Long and Prosper. <3

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