Star Trek Discovery Season 1, Episode 14: The more things change

The more they stay the same… in the most frustrating way. (sung to the tune of “A Spoonful of Sugar”)

Star Trek Discovery – Season 1, Episode 14 recap

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-This is the first time in a while I’ve seen so many different women, major and minor characters, doing their own thing -being in charge, being the worst, being the best they can be- without their gender really factoring in in any discernible way. It makes me really happy. If you belong to a group of people generally represented in fiction, I don’t really know how to explain this joy, except to say it belongs to the same family of emotions as someone telling you that you are loved.

-The mess hall scene reminded me of Mean Girls and I wish the show would tap more into that. If not the comedy then at least the social dynamics on a ship.

-I may be on my own here, but -while I found the blooming mycelial forest to be ethereally beautiful- the build-up to the terraforming was disturbingly and violently sexual.

-The conversation surrounding Michael and Tyler’s breakup was devastating. Although I’m a notorious crier, I didn’t so much shed tears as I stood there helplessly, with a lump in my throat, watching those starcrossed idiots break each other’s heart. Do I think it’s final? Nope. (Unless Tyler dies heroically saving her.)

-Michael did the mature thing walking away. It still somehow feels like she’s regressing. When Sarek of all people has to tell her to embrace her emotions -especially love- it feels like she’s taken several steps back. Which is understandable, and frustrating, and beautifully, depressingly human. I just hope that she goes back to connecting with people. It doesn’t have to be in a romantic capacity.

-The narrative is riding a thin line between contrived repetitiveness and a fascinating 360 degree turn, where the characters find themselves in the same position, having to choose to go down a different path of the same crossroads. My hope is that either Michael or Saru are going to mutiny against Mirror!Georgiou (Michael being a surer bet), because at the end of the day they have to stay true to the Federation and not the Terran empire. Having her take over from Saru is the height of disrespect towards his character. They did my boy wrong making him lose his position only to give him a captain that addressed him as slave.

-When I said I wanted Michelle Yeoh back I meant as the version of Philippa that is a blinding sun of heroic goodness and warmth. Not LIttlefinger’s big sister. I’m frustrated by the fact that I find Game of Thrones’ influence frustrating instead of just enjoying the zeitgeist.

-Still waiting for Culber’s death to have the poetic pay-off the writer’s claimed it would have. (If Ep13 was it, we are going to need to have words.)

Live Long and Prosper. <3

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