Star Trek Discovery, Season 1 Finale

Great wrap-up to the series!

Star Trek Discovery – Season 1, Episode 15 recap

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-The finale felt the most like a Star Trek episode of old that this run has produced so far. It had a mission on a funky planet, bleeding-heart idealism, sexy Orions, drugs, and a villain that is nothing but a mirror of our own failings.

-I’m glad that the show finally decided to embrace the sunny optimism I had wanted since the beginning. I can almost excuse all the grimdark along the way. The ceremony was even bathed in light! Oh the joy!

-Michael mutinied not just against her captain, but against an admiral representing the entirety of Starfleet. And this time it was not out of fear about their continued survival, but out of fear for their very identity, because this wasn’t their Starfleet. The entire crew of nerdy young explorers joined her!

-There was a choice to make between trusting an enemy to do the right thing, or doing the wrong thing in order to escape oblivion. This was no empty ideology, but a heartfelt belief that trusting L’rell not to attack them right after they gave her power over the Klingons was the only way they could continue calling themselves Starfleet officers. Lorca’s spinning so fast he’s going to restart that mycelial death orb.

-I always love a good medal-awarding ceremony, though I feel like the writers failed Burnham a little bit. Her standing up to the admiral was pretty stelar though. (To be fair I recently finished my BSG rewatch so… I expect more?)

-I’m really excited for what is hopefully going to be glimpses of Klingon politics via L’rell and Tyler. I want to see more of my sailor boy for sure. (Seeing Klingon cultured through his eyes was a treat, and showed a more playful side to the culture I wish had been explored.)

-I’m glad this isn’t the last we’re going to see of the empress. While she’s a terrible human being and much as I feel personally victimized by evil bisexual tropes, I kinda dig the aesthetic. Why does the Terran Empire love leather so much.

-I seriously hope we see more of Culber. His death did not change the story in any way other than to make Stamets a widower (?) everything, including Stamets’ visions of him and Tyler/Voq’s swan-dive off the deep end, could have been accomplished without his death. The show is poorer for having killed him.


Please excuse any and all typos, but it’s 1am and I have a flight to catch in a few hours; I really wanted to post this before I left. Hope you’ve had fun!

See you all for Season 2!! In the meanwhile I’m going to recommend a quick google for Shield of Tomorrow. You can thank me later.

Live Long and Prosper. <3

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