Westworld Recap – Season 2, Episode 1: Robot Jesus?

Pretty solid start to the season, wouldn’t you agree? It isn’t nearly as baffling and full of exposition as Season 1, and the new pieces presented either added to the story, or gave birth to fascinating questions.

Westworld Season 2, Episode 1 Recap

(here’s a link for those having problems with the embed code- sidenote: I love telling imgur that I’m not a robot whenever I upload a Westworld recap.)

-Dolores was an innocent lamb last season, slowly coming to terms with the monster that was programmed inside of her. Now that she has free will she seems to be slipping into a more villainous role and I am one thousand of the percents here for it. The wonder and the ruthlessness make for a very intriguing combo. Her showdown with William ought to be a treat.

-On the other hand we have Maeve, who I predict will become an even bigger protector this season. For all her bravado and cold calculations, she is extremely empathetic and thoughtful. The ideal Slytherin to get you a present. Her drive to find her daughter will either end up breaking her or with her taking all the hosts under her wing. (And a few inept park employees along the way). I think she may be the robot Messiah and not Dolores.

-The two boyfriends of our protagonists present two opposite sides of the same coin. They are both ride or die -in Teddy’s case die a lot, in Hector’s case die in a fire- but this episode we see an important difference between the two. Hector more than embraces Maeve’s ambition and is happy to go along with any plan that involves him fighting at her side, even when that gets him stabbed in the back. Teddy on the other hand seems like an oblivious friend of yours heading into a bad relationship fast. He is confused and may prove a liability.

-Holy full-frontal male nudity Batman! After spending most of last season naked, it seemed fitting that Maeve would be the one to cut Sizemore down to size. He had nothing to be ashamed of, truth be told, but ordering him to strip was about her control and his powerlessness. Bravo to the team for executing it well. I’m fascinated to see how their relationship will develop.

-So far, despite the Native tribes being a big part of Westworld’s and the show’s mythos, we have not had a single character emerge from that storyline. Westworld better fix that quickly, especially if it’s going to do something as historically offensive as scalping (yet again).

-Loved the Devil/Jesus aesthetics. Will softly argue that Dolores is the Devil and Maeve is Jesus, and that their outfits in season 1 were the deliberate antithesis of what they will grow into.

-I do not know if it was on purpose, but the floating bodies of the hosts reminded me strongly of chromosomes.

– The man in Black didn’t get to do much this episode. He killed a programmed version of Ford, proving that once more he is in Dolores’ shadow. (She killed the man.)

-What is the door? Is it a Vox Machina reference? Does Ford just really want him to leave?

-I am almost certain Dolores leaves the island, or at least Westworld, based one of what I presume is Bernard’s flashbacks.

-How is Stubbs alive? Will we see Elsie?

-Ford may be dead, but my fear that he’s amongst the living is alive and well.

-All the references to dreams have me worried about the reality of what we are witnessing.

-Bring on Tiger world.

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