Westworld Season 2, Episode 2: Flashbackstory

I loved parts of the backstory, but when you get right down to it I love nothing when it means I get less of Maeve. Am I the only one whose interest in William’s story has dwindled? I hope this doesn’t present a problem given the title for the season is Door, so fingers crossed.

Westworld Season 2, Episode 2 Recap

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-Dolores is the Devil confirmed. I can’t think of any storytelling shortcut more effective at communicating this than her decision to recruit the Confederados. It still seems in character, whatever that even means anymore, but it colors her movement in a certain light. Adding to this recent development, we have her backstory. She was God’s first-born and most beloved, she was cast out of heaven (the main plotline), she sees free will as something she was indebted to rather than a privilege (a point me and the Devil actually agree upon). She currently wants to take over the world. It’s all not very white hat of her.

-Maybe William is Adam, though he presents quite a strong case for the devil, it’s an obvious one. Also, I appreciate these flashbacks showing us young William’s true colors because last time it happened near the end of a season where he’s kinda established himself as good and his evil /trueself was introduced as an entirely different character. His declarations to a naked and barely responsive Dolores are indicative of just how pathetic he is. As if he’s the first person to consider women things, be they AI or flesh and bones.

-There was far too little Maeve in this episode. She still made quite an impact. She is sharpness to Dolores blunt force. Maeve was informed by the world around her and started her own personal revolution, Dolores started from the inside and is going global. I hope their differing philosophies get to butt heads once more. Ideally before they are all doomed.

-Given that Dolores now knows where Delos was most likely to send troops, I’m beginning to think the drowned bodies may be very much alive. A gal can hope, for Teddy’s sake. The poor boy is not handling all these revelations very well.

-It was a joy to see Logan again. I feel like I was born to rewrite his dialogue. Somewhere the wires got crossed and I love him forever (would definitely hate him irl).

-I don’t know what to make of Mr.Delos, but I’m tickled pink that rather than blackmail, this entire thing has been about marketing. Especially given recent hearings.

-I need to know more about the outside world vis-a-vis medical technology. That weird healing tool Maeve used on Hector was seen this week as used by William. I’m fairly sure what fixes white goop isn’t what fixes human goop. Is William white goop? Is this why we’re seeing more of the inner workings of the hosts?


And now, if you’ll excuse me, I finally have time to watch Dirty Computer. I wonder if I’ll find any parallels. From what I can make out memory plays a big part in that too.

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