Westworld Season 2, Episode 3: Ghosts in the Story

So now we have a taste of three of the -at least- six parks. Is it just the trekkie in me or does a sci-fi themed park sound much more interesting than what we’ve seen? (Or Fantasy? Elves? HOBBITS?)

Westworld Season 2, Episode 3 Recap

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-Westworld as a show needs to invest a little bit more into why the parks we have seen so far have the themes they have and are visited by wealthy (mostly) white (mostly) men. The colonialist dream that was the Section 6(?) nightmare made me extremely uncomfortable because I could understand what certain people might find pleasurable within it and the imperialistic tones rubbed me the wrong way. Perhaps it was the pop culture and culture that I was exposed to, but I can’t personally find the appeal. (I am, however, fully owning my problematic thrill at the idea of Shogun World).

-Grace seems a fascinating character. For all of our theorizing and hopes, I’d rather she not be connected to anyone (unless she’s Elsie’s girlfriend desperately trying to pinpoint her location? Unlikely, but a girl can hope). Maybe her little map was her just following one of the park’s actual stories, though I think it improbable. I find her approach to the hosts to be violent but completely opposed to William’s and I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest it’s for the exact same reason: she also fell in love with a host. Whether it happened by chance or someone deliberately broke her heart remains to be seen, but I’m interpreting her trust issues and slight bitterness to the later.

-The Ghost Nation do not mean harm to the humans, but instead are out to protect them. Stubbs survived. Grace is a series regular. They wanted Lee. This episode the Maeve storyline was all about Sizemore with Maeve coming to the forefront only to relive past trauma. Trauma that could quite conveniently stop a very intelligent and perceptive individual from sussing out the Ghost Nation’s true purpose. If this is the case I can see what the writers are doing by flipping the narrative on its head and subverting our expectations, yet this could still come off as the Ghost Nation being less the Good Guys and more subservient. Which is Bad.

-I don’t really like Sizemore as a character, but his entire meltdown over Maeve and Hector’s romance leaves me breathless from laughing. Also it’s quite hilarious that he’s only now cottoned on when he’s spent at least a couple of days with their dramatic antics. His ego is only matched by his obliviousness. (Sidenote: HBO if you ever want to develop a show about a writer forced to inhabit the world they’ve created: Hit this girl up.)

-Louis Herthum is back and destroying every scene he is in. You are a joy to watch sir. Also his song choice of the Battle Hymn for the Republic might just be there to rile up ex-confederates, but it is worth mentioning that all the talk of Glory may prove prophetic.

-Armistice and Felix are back! I’m so so happy. She’s found a dragon. Hector’s delight at bloodthrirsty women is both relatable and worrying.

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