Westworld Season 2, Episode 5: The Originals (?)

Finally, an episode almost exclusively about my girl Maeve and I got hurt Teddy as a bonus. The introduction of Rinko Kikuchi and Hiroyuki Sanada to the cast was a welcome breath of fresh air.

Westworld Season 2, Episode 5 Recap

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-Let’s start by griping over the fact that Geishas were not considered sex workers and even with my very basic knowledge of Japanese culture and history I was aware of this fact. Sizemore is a Hack, we know, but everything has its limits and I find it annoying that no one was in a narrative position to question his sources or apparent lack of them. A Geisha’s social standing was nowhere near as low as that of a saloon girl’s and the parallels that were drawn made me roll those eyes all the way off my face.

-I wish they’d delved a little more into the similarities between Samurai movies and Westerns while at the same time dialed back on the characters being copy-pasted from one world to the next. Tropes exist for a reason and I love them, but having exact same lines of dialogue is a bit much. Though I guess it’s hilarious that Sizemore got away with it. Imagine paying big bucks to visit both parks and running into the exact same storyline.

-For all my grievances I loved the characters meeting their alternate universe selves. Hector’s feather-ruffling and suspicion over his counterpart like a dog seeing his reflection was adorable, Armistice was Intense, and Maeve was heartbreaking in a way only your favorite character can be. She reached out to herself and in a selfish kind of selflessness offered comfort and aid. Much like Maeve, Akane grew past her stereotype and bloomed like a violent flower before us. (sidenote- Celine Dion’s Ashes fits at least the screencaps of that scene perfectly, as my screencapping and random youtube playlist proved.)

-Maeve’s awakening came at a maddeningly convenient moment for her, but not for poor Sakura. I demand an explanation for the timing if not for her powers. (They probably come from that subconscious stream all hosts have that allow them to keep track on where everyone else.)

-Before I forget about the other half of the episode. I can’t believe that happened. Why would anyone change Teddy’s personality? Especially someone who likes him. His hopeless wide-eyed earnestness is his only saving grace (that posterior does not hurt though. Just saying.). I’m not counting original!Teddy out. Maybe Dolores held onto his original memories. I fully believe that the hosts that came with a blank memory are chilling somewhere else. Possibly waiting to download into their bodies and catch everyone by surprise. Possibly in our world. Skynet is here baby.

-Crack theory of the week: When they finally find the sunken cradle, William’s going to be there, wearing nothing but a speedo and scuba gear with a live grenade in his hands.

-Slow clap on the writers for running a rind joke on Teddy for a season and a half.

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