Westworld Season 2, Episode 6: I have a Theory (It could be Robots)

I have a genuine crackpot theory. I’d escaped this fate for 15 entire episodes, avoiding forums and meta like the plague, only latching on to theories when they became sure things, but now I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole and I am angry about it. Let’s hope at least, for my sake, that it’s another Lorca slam dunk (for those who were with me on my journey through Discovery).

Westworld Season 2, Episode 6 Recap

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-William’s wife killed herself because she realised what he was A GOSHDARN ROBIT. (it’s not a typo if it’s cute. Unlike William.) He obviously hasn’t been one from the start, but he is one now and I will always believe this no matter what canon throws in my direction. It sure explains his daughter’s trust issues regarding hosts. Maaan, I had been so good at avoiding trapping myself within a theory marriage.

-Why did Grace deliberately antagonise her father over the Raj’s pleasure palaces(ugh)? She isn’t a teenager, plus she was trying to get him to follow her. Maybe she’s testing him. You know, the whole fidelity song and dance.

-And though I wouldn’t put it past him, it’s odd that he’d forget that his daughter wasn’t afraid of the elephants. He seems the type to brag about his tiny daughter being fearless.

-Dolores going around murdering people is scary in a very banal way. Dolores telling Bernarthur to freeze all motor functions? Best moment of season 2 and truly chilling.

-I wish Akane could join Maeve, but she’s probably making the better choice, and I’m glad she has the freedom to make one. Fun fact, this reminded me of cancer patients. I work in oncology and quality of life vs. the slim chance someone might go into remission comes up often. Sure, Maeve may eventually find a safe place for her and her entourage, but the odds are stacked against her no matter how much power she holds over hosts. Akane is choosing a peaceful, beautiful life, that may end soon, because it’s what she wants. There is no right answer and I love this show for exploring this.

-I also love that Armistice has found herself a wife. Now please give her and Hanaryo some lines.

-So Bernard/Arthur(?) has access to the cradle. This is either terrific, terrifying, or perhaps both.

-We know Hale and Stubbs survives, so that leaves Elsie in peril. I don’t care about moustache man.

-I found it interesting that Maeve’s ex-daughter(?) was playing with what looked like white dolls. Would love an analysis on that (especially within the context of the show) by someone more qualified to write it than me. Send links if you have them.

-When is the Ghost Nation’s true role in this story be revealed and how much of the violence on Maeve had anything to do with extracting her brain? Also, for once pertinent information isn’t being exchange for legitimate reasons rather than the writers just deciding people wouldn’t be told things.

-Felix remains the only good egg. A true ally. Looking foxy in blue.

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