Westworld Season 2, Episode 7: The Chain Gang

Welcome to Westworld indeed! This has perhaps been my favorite episode of the series so far. We’re getting to major plot points, discovering new mysteries, and getting some of the best writing this series has to offer in terms of quotes.

Westworld Season 2, Episode 7 Recap

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-I don’t think it’s a big secret that I don’t really like Ford. This episode however showcased him in all his glory. A philosophising manifestation of benevolent evil, here to write people’s destiny and command them to do his will. I don’t know if it was the writing, Hopkins’ always stellar performance, or a perfect storm of both, but I really loved all his scenes. I think it’s important that we got far less of his worldbuilding worldview this season, cause it felt welcome and necessary. With all his riddles, platitudes, and monologues that mainly showcase a love for his own voice, Ford is God to Dolores’ devil.

-Speak of the devil, she and her team were on fire this episode. They had a solid reason for existing and furthered the plot, all while providing emotion, great action sequences and the most explosive ending to a host’s revenge yet. Satan granted the people the gift of mortality all the while grieving the death of her father. Whose head she carved open. I wish we got a bit more introspection to Dolores’ reasoning behind their backups being chains, however, we do have a solid chunk of scifi to tell us why she might be thinking that way.

-Dolores is untethering herself from everything she considers weakness, while we see Maeve embracing it. Her secret power has alway been making people fall in love with her, whether it be Hector, Sizemore, or myself, and she in turn loves people back. She is warm and cutting to the very end, and I love that the show gave us an added layer of morality behind her control of the hosts. She can only use unawakened hosts, providing us with an excellent dilemma. Is she any different to coders or does it make a difference that she knows these hosts aren’t “alive”? Wasn’t she and others at some point not alive?

-I am ready for us to FINALLY see what the Ghost Nation is all about already. My writing Gods, we have been teased enough. Plus, I really want Hector and the gang to be alive. Felix also.

-I do not like the show’s running theme of pain making us human, but Lawrence shooting William was some of the most satisfying TV I’ve seen in a while. It had to be Lawrence. And Lawrence has to be alive next episode so they can bleed and scream at each other. I deserve it.

-RIP Clementine and Clementine’s fabulous white dress, which looked simple, but was intricate and beautiful, just like Clementine herself. I wish we’d gotten more of a Thelma and Louise build-up between her and Angela.

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